Every time I hold a competition in the forum, it gets filled with gold nuggets.

Value overload.

So next Monday, (20th Feb), we’ll be holding a 30 day Challenge where 3 winners will win an Amazon Gift card worth $100 each.

That’s right, 3 equal winners.


Read about the competition thread here.

Been needing that little push to get into 6th gear? Well, here it is.

Basically keep your follow along updated on the daily with what you’ve achieved for your business.

Whether it’s,

  • Launching 5 Campaigns a day
  • Growing an Instagram Page to 5k
  • Journey to your first sale
  • First $500 on eBay
  • Heck, it can even be 30 days of devouring information and learning updates!

Whatever it is, I want you guys to focus on consistency.

It’s not the guys that come in with guns blazing that I see become successful.

It’s the ones that come in, give it 80-100% almost every day till they make it.

It might take a week, a month, 3 months but they get there because they focus on moving forward.

You know how many set backs you’re going to get in the business world? 100’s!

From your server getting hacked and your sites being down to Paypal restricting your accounts to your hard drive exploding – losing all your data.

Every day in the business world is a battle to keep it running and profitable but this is the fun part.

The winners of the competition will be people I see persevering. The ones I see that keep it going. They lose motivation, they might change the angle of their goal, they might disappear for a bit but they come back and again, they keep moving forward!

I’ve had so many unprofitable campaigns.


I’ve had months I’ve been $5k in the hole. But perseverance has always paid off and eventually I’ll hit a $20k+ profit campaign that will give me almost a years worth of living expenses.

It’s a big journey and I want to get as many peoples thinking in the right direction as possible so you can achieve your dreams.

You have a week to set everything up, we start Next Monday.

Read the competition thread here.


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Written by Mateen