Like I mentioned in the previous post, setting up a FaceBook page shouldn’t be too complicated.

A lot of people make the process too complicated and unnecessarily increase the time and learning curve for themselves.

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Most dropshippers that make a ton of money have the same model.

A simple FB page a simple store, the magic is in the products and the shear amount they test. As I’m writing this, I just emailed my VA a list of 20 products to test for the day.

I do that every week day. That’s almost 5,000 products in the year!

Anyway, going back to the FaceBook page.

The most important elements are just the profile image and cover photo.

Although not much of your FaceBook page will be explored, it’s important just to have some nice visuals. I always try not to go for the ‘salesy’ or ‘shop’ feel. I like for it to be more of a social/fun page that links out to product pages on it’s store.

FaceBook isn’t really a place for business to promote. It’s a social/fun place and I personally think it’s important to keep that vibe.

Once you’ve set that up, maybe post a few memes or videos related to your store. Just so the FB page has some history. It’s completely ok to have no likes on your page. I’ve sold a ton of products on pages that were brand new. Remember, most of the magic will happen because of the product. Everything else is complimentary.

I have some FB pages in the 10s of thousands. Some even over 50k. Likes have been built up organically through the promotion of my product posts.

What you’ll find is that, as you promote products using your FB Page, people will naturally ‘like’ your FB page. It’s a nice little perk of promoting your products.

After a few successful campaigns you should have quite a few likes on your FB page. One of my store brands has done about $60k in revenue and has 50k likes! It must have just been the niche I was promoting but it’s become a FaceBook page I now manage and actively post memes and fun videos.

I try keep the organic engagement high as some of my posts can reach 15,000 people which usually costs at least $30-$40. It’s a good way for me to test some products before I spend money on advertising.

It will also become a good asset to have when selling the business.

Imagine selling a ecom business with a ton of FB likes, you’ll definitely increase it’s appeal to potential buyers.

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Written by Mateen