Product research is often interpreted as finding the perfect product that will bring give you a 100% success ratio.

Maybe because during adsense and niche website days, there was a lot of time spent doing keyword and competition research before selecting and going ahead with a product.

This is a different ball game and it doesn’t quite work like that.

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In this case we’re trying to find products that have a good chance of working when running FaceBook traffic to them. For that to happen, a couple of things need to be checked.

Ideally, you’d want the product to be selling like hotcakes right as we speak. If you find a FaceBook campaign of that exact product just started a day or two ago then that’s perfect. You can simply start 10-20 international campaigns at $5 and get to these audiences before the original one does.

But in most cases you’ll be late in finding this information and so will need to be on the hunt for products that are selling or have sold in the past and are available.

You will also start to get a feel of what dropshipping products work best or niches in general. For example, Teespring showed the marketing world how well T shirts can sell on the internet! Literally in the 100s of thousands, shirts have been sold all over Facebook and back.

Just like that, there are other smaller gold mines you can cash into.

Specific niches like grandparents, occupations, names, by country of birth, gun owners, pet owners, etc.

Every now and then there’s a product that just cleans up in these niches.

They also have the audience  sizes to support it. For example, nurses are in the 10s of thousands around US and they love their profession.

It isn’t uncommon to find a shirt and make $10k+ profit off of it.

As you keep testing, you’ll find what to avoid and what to keep note of. For example, jewellery has been a hit and miss for many people. I’ve seen some rings and pendants sell like hotcakes but in most cases they don’t sell that well. Still an interesting industry to keep an eye on.

Keeping it Targeted/Niche

One thing people miss and waste a lot of time and money on FaceBook with  are ‘broad’ products. Don’t get me wrong, some can work well, but you can’t sell black and white pillows on FaceBook.

You can’t sell whiteboards or dustpans or general products that you can’t specifically target.

This is another thing I look for. I call it layering.

Layering is the concept of products having many points of appeal. What does that mean?

Well, a shirt that is light pink, says ‘Californian girl loves her pitbull’ has at least 3 points of appeal

  • Californian born/living
  • Pitbull
  • Girl

That’s 3 layers. Pretty good shirt as opposed to a shirt that just says ‘i love California’.

What you find is that the more you can call out a persons individual characteristics or proud points like their origin or star sign etc, the better your campaign will perform.

Ever seen those shirts on your newsfeed that have said, ‘It’s a ‘yourname’ thing, you wouldn’t understand’? They make you really feel like you want it right?

I remember just last month the shirt ‘It’s a Mateen thing, you wouldn’t understand’ appeared on my newsfeed. I’ve seen these shirts with different names but when it had MY name there was a ‘omg that’s cool as!’ feel to it.

If you don’t know, these shirts absolutely KILLED it on FaceBook a year or two ago! Like holy crap, in the 100s of thousands of units sold.

It’s interesting to see if these niches can be brought back with other products just because the audience size is literally everyone in the world.

In conclusion, time will make you better at product selection. Everyone has to go through those few products that pretty much all dropshippers stumble upon and feel like they’ve found something.

There’s a good 50+ of those out there. Once you’ve done that and you’ve found our own little pocket, you’ll be fine.

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Written by Mateen