You would think setting up your shopify shipping rates/prices for your dropshipping store would be easy but it’s annoyingly not.

You have to do it in a roundabout way.

Setting up the shipping rates requires you to set them up according to their weight. The best way to do this is to have set rates you’ll charge people based on the product.

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Although shipping is usually free or quite cheap, you can charge for your processing time. Many people charge an extra $5-$10 just for shipping and that’s their margin.

We’re all familiar with the famous Free + Shipping model which makes all it’s money from the shipping charge.

Customers expect to be charged shipping. Although the free + shipping model is a hit and miss, I’ve never shy’d away from charging a fair shipping price.

For a shirt or hoodie, I’ll charge something like $5.99 for shipping. It’s small and adds a cool $6 to every order. Imagine I make 1,000 orders, that’s a whole $6,000 usually pure profit!

For me, charging for shipping is a must.

Setting up shipping has to be done per weigh range.

The above shows how I’ve set it up.

This way, I control how much I charge for shipping for each product.

Every time I add a product I simply input a weight in the range of the above based on how much I want to charge them and that adds how much I’ll charge for shipping.

It’s a roundabout way but it works.

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Written by Mateen