We all know Amazon is a powerhouse when it comes to ecommerce. Using Amazon movers or shakers to research Dropshipping products you want to later test on FaceBook is similar to wish.com.

Google ‘Amazon movers and shakers’ and you’ll be taken to a list of products that are rapidly moving through the Amazon ranks. These products are hot and for some reason are being purchased like crazy.

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This is an interesting space to watch because sometimes a new product is introduced to the market and just catches on like wildfire.

Movers and shakers is different to Best sellers because Best sellers are usually a lot more broader products. Things like kitchen utensils or general necessities usually outrank ‘hot products’ that come and go.

That’s why the Amazon movers and shakers is the best place to go on Amazon to research trends.

You can also select specific categories to go through.

You’ll notice the majority of these categories are dominated with fidget spinners! It’s June 2017 as I’m writing this and the hype around fidget spinners are just starting to cool down.

Check up on movers and shakers every few days. Most products are general put due to the categorisation you should be able to find some that are quite unique and may be a good fit for a viral broad product like how fidget spinners were.

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Written by Mateen