Not many people know about

This site makes a ton of money. The owner of the site made a reddit thread revealing how he built it and how he grew to what it is now.

For me, as a dropshipper, I have a look every now and then for product ideas. I website that curates viral products and has a ‘like’ counted on each one so you can gauge how viral it can get before you launch it on FaceBook? That’s perfect!

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Thisiswhyimbroke adds new products to its site daily. You can use it to either launch the same products and dropship them straight from the source, (which the site links for you), or use them as inspiration and check youtube and aliexpress if there’s content and products you can build a campaign off.

Either way, take a look at the site and bookmark it. Worth checking up and using it as a research tool.

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Written by Mateen