Instagram is another interesting website to keep your eyes on.

A place where people go and share things they like. The common trend with Instagram is to ‘hashtag’  their posts. For those that don’t know what hashtags are or how they work.

Basically, you can put a hashtag -> # in front of a certain word or phrase. Eg, #ilovethisdog

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And now, when people click this tag, they’ll be taken to an album where others have also used the same hashtag. It’s an interesting dynamic created and popularised in the early days of Twitter and Instagram.

So how can we use this in dropshipping?

We can search for specific hashtags where people like to share things they really want.









You can search through the most recent posts where people have loved the product enough to actually take a picture and share it on Instagram! How many times have you done that with something you’ve bought? Not many. is a website that I use to do the above.

You can search on your phone on Instagram itself or using desktop using

They pull data from Instagram and allow us to use IG on desktop.

You should add this to your research process as well as again, anything that has had people validate their interest in certain products by either purchasing it or sharing it on FB or IG, has a good chance of selling on FaceBook.

Remember, we’re not trying to find general people that people like, we’re trying to find products that people LOVE. They get so excited they stop everything they’re doing and buy it straight away.

Those are the campaigns that you’re looking for.

Dropship research on Instagram can be taken a little further.

It’s also good practice to follow some accounts that regularly post shoutouts for other drop shippers. Many meme/funny video pages do this. I often see a product shown on my Instagram newsfeed, write it down, and give it a test.

Anything that keeps you aware of products that are interesting to test.

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Written by Mateen