The app is actually something I came across recently and it definitely caught my attention.

What is

basically a massive ecommerce store like aliexpress. You can get things pretty damn cheap. The interesting thing is that it shows hot items like a feed in different categories!

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You’ll need an account to browse though but I make it a point to check this pretty often. You don’t know what you’ll find that will inspire you to research a little further.

Dropshipping research using should be done along with the others. Kind of treat it like pinterest.

It’s categorised into fashion, hobby, toys, accessories, etc and you can easily navigate through the tabs to see the recent interesting products. There have been times I get all my 20 products for the day to test from

It’s also a good place to start your research and find products that you can search in Aliexpress and find similar products of.

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Written by Mateen