If you go with the Shopify Dropshipping store set up I recommend, (general store), then honestly, the whole digital world is your playing field.

You can sell anything you want and that’s the beauty of this business model.

Anything on Aliexpress, Etsy, eBay, Amazon, you can now set up on your own store and start taking payments and making sales.

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People tend to make stores selling one type of product but with our strategy it’s best to have a general store selling all types of products and then branch out towards something once it starts to make sales.

The MOST important thing is that your product is exciting, cool and has some sort of viral nature to it. Especially if you’re using FaceBook to advertise.

They also need to have to be in a niche big enough to scale but small enough to be specific. Like the below jewelry.

Tattoo Artist Pendant

Dinosaur lovers pendant

The above 2 products are better than general items that you can’t really find a specific audience on FB to target.

Getting Creative

You can get even more creative and make small digital modifications of some products and set them up as products. For example,

This is the original

After some photoshopping we can do this.

Same concept, new product!

I love using my store to test new concepts and ideas in the form of products. If I make a sale, I’ll rush over to a supplier and see if he can make the product for me.

Many cases I’ve created my own products using some clever photoshop modifications and it’s sold real well!

You can even install apps like pillowprofits or Viralstyle that will allow you to make custom merchandise products and import it straight into your Shopify store.

You can then make sales and it will automatically contact these merchants, tell them the sale has been made, and then they’ll go ahead and manufacture and ship it!

You can sell some etsy products and then contact etsy sellers and see if you can work your own deal or set up their store for them! Since you’ve made some sales already you can set them up with their own domain name and sell the store as a website build package.

You can even take some picture of some products at your local flea market and set them up.

Or sell digital ebooks and products! Shopify has an ‘auto-deliver’ system where it can email a digital download of a products as soon as a customer checks out. Pretty cool right?

Honestly, the possibilities are endless and this is one of the reasons I absolutely love dropshipping or selling from my shopify store.

It basically gives you a landing page to push traffic to and test if it will convert.

You can see that many products people sell are available on other channels. They’re just the first ones to bring it in front of these customers and that’s why they make good money.


You’ll learn pretty quickly that having a great product is one thing but if you’re not savvy enough to get in front of those that desperately want it, you’ll never really make any good money.

This is our job. To master marketing and utilise it to make us and our suppliers a ton of money.

Once you learn good marketing, you can start selling your own product, build your own brand and take this a lot further than you ever thought.

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Written by Mateen