I thought I’d touch upon what makes products appealing to test and what doesn’t.

For the most part it’s a gut feeling or an intuition for me that’s developed over the years but if I really break it down as to what I, and other drop shippers look for, before selecting a product to test on FaceBook, it can be broken down to a small formula.

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For the most part though, if you have a ton of money in the bank then ideally you want to test as much as you can. Even products in the ‘maybe’ category should still be tested as we don’t know how the audience will respond to our ads.

This is the thing with product selection. At the end of the day you don’t know what will work. You’re not the customer, you don’t get excited looking at the product, the customer does. That’s why more times than none, it’s a hit and miss when testing products.

Bad Aliexpress Dropshipping Products

Let’s go through products that you shouldn’t bother with.

Obvious broad products like kitchen knives or simple stickers come to mind. If you can’t think of a very specific audience on FaceBook that will almost jump for joy when they see it on their FaceBook, it’s probably not a good idea to test it.

It shouldn’t be like ‘oh, that has a picture of a dog on it, lets’ market it to dog owners’, it’s more of a feeling of ‘oh, what’s that, that looks cool’, so you click it to check it out yourself.

Product that actually get me to click and check them out are ones that I almost always test.

The ones that I can’t really think of a target audience to market to don’t make the cut.

This is a really important part of Dropshipping on FaceBook, you have to work backwards.

What I mean is, when you look a product, you need to fire up your ads manager and see if you can find an association, club, magazine, website, shop, etc related to the product. Is there a passionate community out there you can market it to? A micro niche perhaps?

Or is it a product your audience size is going to be in the 10s of millions for.

Audience should be a general indicator of specificity when it comes to targeting. The larger it is, usually the more broad the audience is although not always the case.

You can have some niches that give you passionate audiences in the millions and still be targeted.

Think of nurses or gun owners, they have a ton of followers on their FaceBook pages.

Good Aliexpress Dropshipping Products

Good products are ones you can immediately think of an audience to market to. I’ve been marketing for years so I know which niches are buyer niches or which products generally perform better than others.

For example, if I see a custom tee on aliexpress that’s niche specific, I’ll give it a shot because I know people go crazy over some niche tees.

Or even phone cases since we can target people by the device they are on.

They also have an element of interest to me. Meaning, I’ll feel a sudden ‘wow, that looks cool’ feeling and click it. If I notice myself doing that, I immediately add it to the list.

The best products on FaceBook are the ones that get peoples attention almost immediately and give you the feeling of clicking and investigating more.

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Not only will this get you a ton more traffic and a higher chance of conversions but will reduce your FB costs drastically as people engage with your ad more.

After a while you’ll get that intuition yourself but you’ll have to just learn it by testing the products you initially feel good about. You can’t get it right straight away, or at least you’ll be lucky to. All drop shippers that made it had to go through a ton of random products first before they got the hang of product selection.

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Written by Mateen