Lucky Orange is a very interesting app particularly for us drop shippers.

As a drop shipper, we’re always curious and interested in increasing the trust and conversions on our site. Most people dropship from Aliexpress which, although a legitimate site, might turn some people away due to the long deliver times.

For this reason, it’s always interesting to see where along the visitor -> sale process the potential customer drops off.

This is where lucky orange comes into play.

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Lucky Orange allows us to view a recording off each customer that arrives on our site! It’s kind of creepy but hey, anything in the spirit of good business right?

As soon as the visitor arrives on our site, we can see exactly which pages he’s clicking, what he’s searching, the browsing time and basically user activity that will give us deep insight into where we can improve our site.

My recommendation is for all new drop shippers to install this app at the start. Why? Because you probably wouldn’t have set your site up correctly and it’s hard to find this out on your own.

A lot of people make simple mistakes like not setting up their payments or shipping correctly and can waste a lot of time and money before they figure this out.

Lucky Orange is also great to take a look at a current snapshot view of your store.

You can see how many people are visiting your store, where they’re located and even which products are getting the most attention. There’s a lot to explore with the app and it’s definitely recommended for drop shippers.

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Written by Mateen