Abandon Cart Protector is definitely a must have.

One downside to the dropshipping model is that it can turn a lot of people off. Long shipping times, products from China, Free products that charge $9+ shipping will get many visitors adding to their carts then thinking a little too much when reaching checkout.

Abandon Cart protector sends out automated emails to those that abandoned their carts. It also keeps you notified with who they sent emails to and how your potential customers responded so you can see straight away whether or not this app is worth its monthly charge.

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It can save or make you $1,000’s if you’re doing a good number of orders so is definitely an app you’d want to have.

The frequency of emails sent out is preset but you don’t want to be waiting too long before sending them out.

They should be sent out within an hour, the next 6 hours, the next day and 2 days after that.

It may seem spammy but from a customers point of view that was in the buying mood when checking out your website, you’d want to try catch them when the thought of ‘maybe’ buying the product is still hot in their minds.

Just a side note, not to be stunned with high abandon cart rates. Like I mentioned before, it’s normal for people to drop off along the buy path. Many of them want to just add it to cart but not all of them will pull the buy trigger at the end.

Don’t try and chase after every potential customer. As long as you have abandon cart protector, a good layout and your policies than that’s the most you can do.

I’d also be collecting leads so you can market to the people who are abandoning your cart. They may convert at a later stage with a different product related to the one they abandoned.

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Written by Mateen