The previously mentioned shopify apps are all ones that I’ve used before. For one reason or another they’re provided necessary functionalities. In this post I’m going to go through the ones currently installed on my stores and apps that are must haves.

Dropshipping Delivery Tracking App

As mentioned in the previous tutorial, tracking is a must have on your store. You’ve got to be able to have a page that allows customers to feel their product is on its way. Customers are used to receiving tracking numbers and feel secure when they have a place to check it out.

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Mind you, most of them will probably not check just because they received a tracking number.

I would recommend to set up a tracking page and make sure your customers receive a tracking number with the fulfilment of their order(s).

Product Upsell

Upselling is an easy way to increase your ROI. Sometimes people make the most money from their upsell!

A good example of this is the free + shipping model where some dropshippers can charge just $5 on shipping which will basically pay for the cost of the product and ad spend but they’ll add an upsell to the funnel.

Even if 15% of people add the upsell product to their cart, it can make a campaign that’s break even into being profitable! Very powerful stuff.

Whether you realise it early or later on, upselling and downselling are mandator for any profitable campaign. I’d suggest adding these once you’ve found a profitable campaign to see if you can increase the value each customer brings to their store.

You also have to remember that customers are in buying mode once they’ve added something to their cart and are serious to checkout. Why not make the most of this and hit them with another product?

Abandonment Protector

This is pretty much putting non converting visitors through a sales funnel. Abandonment protector is great for large orders as it retargets those that have input their details but just didn’t check out.

Sometimes people need another push just to come back and Abandonment Protector does a great job of this.

Couple this with a retargeting ad and the results on a profitable campaign will be much better.

These 3 apps are a must have in my books. Ofcourse, there’s a few optional ones but that’s not for this post.

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Written by Mateen