One of the most popular app for drop shippers right now is Oberlo.

Oberlo does a variety of things and we’re going to go through the ones that are most important to us as drop shippers that may process 1,000’s of orders in a single day.

Dropshipping Automation with fulfilment

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You’ll quickly notice that there are some tasks that are very repetitive when it comes to dropshipping. Making manual orders is one of them. The cool thing with Oberlo is you can import products straight from Aliexpress and get Oberlo to auto fulfil products when orders are made! It’s a somewhat autopilot solution for a part of our dropshpping business.

How cool is that?

The down side is for custom products or anything that requires some notes in the description, you won’t be able to auto fulfil due to you needing to add some notes to every order but when you’re doing 100+ orders a day, this is a great way to get it done quicker so you’re not spending half your day just fulfilling orders.

Many drop shippers use Oberlo just for this alone which is a big deal.

Importing/Adding Products on Aliexpress Using Oberlo

Adding products by saving their images and reuploading can be a hassle. A quick alternative that will save you a TON of time would be to get Oberlo to auto import the data for you.

You can simply select the product you’d like to import into your store on Oberlo and directly import the data into your store.

From pictures to description to even the quantity it can save you a lot of time if you’re importing or testing a lot of products like me. These days, I just duplicate similar products and modify the images and descriptions to suit but if it’s a set of new products I’ll use Oberlo to do this.

Researching Using Oberlo

One thing I use Oberlo for from time to time is research. They list some interesting products when in the search tab and every now and then I’ll find some products I feel good enough to test.

They also have a really interesting feature where you can go to advanced search and search for items sold in the last 30 days. This gives you a really good indication as to what’s hot or ‘rising’ in the ranks. Remember, you have to be able to stay above trends. Finding out something WAS hot a while ago isn’t good enough. In some way you have to be part of the upward momentum not when it’s diving down.

Oberlo is a great app for drop shippers. They’ve also got some really cool interviews from people that have done really well with the dropshipping aliexpress model. You can check it out on their blog.

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Written by Mateen