Every good funnel needs an upsell. I learned this after selling $100s of thousands worth of products and realising I could have sold a heck of a lot more if I up sold correctly.

Product Upsel is one of the best Dropshipping upsell apps for Shopify. It has a ton of great reviews and is very easy to implement.

Like the name says, it allows you to select a products you’ve added to your store and add them along the sales funnel when a customer is making a purchase.

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So imagine a customer sees a dog necklace they really like. They add it to their cart and are just about to pay when a pop up appears asking them if they’d like another dog pendant for half the price. You still make profit and have increased your order value from $10 to $15. Some people upsell with a lot more of an expensive product.

I have sold $100 products before and a good upsell would have been a premium product at $400.

An interesting thing about buyer psychology is that once they’re in buying mode, they’ll be more inclined to buy more products from you. This is why you see a lot of chocolates and little nick nacks along the counter when going to the local store for milk. In the hopes that you’ll pick one up while you’re there anyway.

If you were browsing the store, you would have walked right past some of the same items you would have been upsold when at the counter.

A good marketer will take this further with a down sell.

What’s a down sell?

Another step on the funnel if the buyer says no to your upsell, you offer them a discount code or an even better offer in hopes to converting them again. The more sales points you have with a buyer, the more you will increase their average order volume.

Product is a great app to implement these so if you’re looking for an upsel app, look no further, this one’s definitely worth checking out.

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Written by Mateen