Scaling is something almost everyone does differently.

I’m going to touch upon one of the easiest, most simplest ways to scale when dropshipping using FaceBook or even utilising traffic from other platforms and it uses Lookalike audiences.

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What are lookalike audiences?

Lookalike audiences are a very interesting custom audience you can create that’s unique to you. FaceBook searches it’s whole database for people that have similar characteristics to the ones you’ve initially chosen and gives this to you as an audience set so you can target them.

In simple terms, imagine we have a profitable campaign that has made us about 100 sales. We can then tell FaceBook to find people on FaceBook that has similar traits and characteristics to these 100 people that have bought something on our store!

FaceBook will search and match ages, pages they’ve liked, genders and many other characteristics.

In some cases, you’ll have millions of people to target opening up a completely new audience you can drive a profitable campaign to.

Imagine the max audience you can find is 500,000. You exhaust all of this and your campaigns stops converting. Lookalike audiences allow you to find millions more that can potentially be customers for you. People that you may have missed in the first ad.

To set this up, you’ll first need to set up a custom audience based on website traffic. You’ll tell FaceBook to capture the details of everyone that visit a specific URL on your site.

Once you have enough data. Say, about 200 fires, you can use this sample set to make a lookalike audience off.

You can set one off different countries.

I try with UK, US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand first. That gives me a pretty big audience to work with. Usually it’s in the millions. If those take off, I’ll immediately set them up in Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia, Brazil

These are tier 2 countries that still convert.

Scaling is basically finding more audiences to sell your product to. It still needs to be done profitably. I don’t even think of scaling unless I have a product that is clearly in the green. If you’re breaking even, you can test other countries and figure out if one sells better than the others and then set up a lookalike audience.

You should be setting up your custom audience as soon as you know you have a working campaign. As soon as you’re getting cheap clicks and a few sales, I’ll set up my custom audience to prepare it for a Lookalike audience.

You can also use the custom audience for retargeting. Retargeting are usually high ROI campaigns and you don’t really need to spend much to get sales.

Don’t worry about this until you have a profitable campaign but as soon as you do, fire up this article and do exactly what it says. It can make you $1,000s more!

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Written by Mateen