Customer can be an absolute pain to deal with! As an affiliate marketer that never had to deal with customers you start to get a love back for Affiliate marketing lol.

It’s annoying to have them constantly emailing you but there’s a simple fix that can sort out 95% of customers. And that’s reassurance that you’re a legitimate company.

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Most emails are of the ‘where’s my order!’ type. For these guys you can simply email them their tracking number and a screenshot to their tracking whereabouts.

You can also re-tell them that you DID say that orders will take 2-4 weeks and to contact you if it doesn’t arrive in 4 weeks. In fact, most customers will just be happy that you answered. They’ve heard big scam stories online and have probably at some point in their online life been scammed themselves so are very weary of the above.

In the chance that the customers has a broken order or the product gets sent back to Aliexpress, you can communicate this to Aliexpress if it’s the suppliers fault. In most cases I just send out a new product.

This is business and you’re going to have a lot of returns and loss stock. This is just the nature of things. Don’t feel bad for all the orders you have to refund. It’s normal and as long as you’re making profit i the end, that’s what matters.

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Written by Mateen