For a long time I used to just sell products on the front end.

Basically that means I’d just worry about selling the product I’m advertising. Once it sells, I’d move on to the next product. As I got better I learned to juice out extra $$ from each campaign.

If I have a campaign that is slightly profitable to very profitable I’ll add an upsell to a very similar product.

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For example, If I know frog keychains are selling really well for me, I’ll upsell them with frog mugs, frog tees and even frog bundle packs! These work really well in Amazon so they’d definitely work well here.

If we do the math we can get,

Just selling 100 units of frog keychains

100 x $9 = $900

selling frog keychains and 10% upsells of $20-$50, (average = $35)

10% of 100 = 10

10 x $35 = $350

Total = $900 + $350 = $1,250!

That’s a pretty big increase.

Not only that but technically you should be following up with an email sequence selling them even more products!

Upsells are really important but I worry about them only when I have a profitable product working. Once I’ve found one, I’ll add some upsells and split test to see which work the best.

Upsells work best if their very similar to the first product.

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Written by Mateen