You’ll hear this often. “wait till you get a matured pixel”, etc.

If you don’t know what it means, I’ll explain it.

Basically, when you start your marketing campaign, Facebook will start sending you traffic/people on what it thinks will best service the objective you choose.

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Eg, if you’re looking to increase your engagement, Facebook will send you profiles that engage more. If you choose conversions by leads, Facebook will send you those that seem to opt in to forms more than others.

As it sends you traffic and your conversion goals are met, Facebook starts to get a feel for the exact demographic of traffic that is converting best for your specific campaign. This is done by your pixel being ‘seasoned’ or by it learning who is converting for you.

When your pixel has gathered a lot of data then it becomes a powerful asset that can hunt for the exact demographic in your niche for you.

So if you run campaigns with very no targeting, sometimes the pixel knows exactly who to send to you and you can run really broad campaigns. This is more of an advanced strategy and you don’t really need to worry about it once you’ve found a few profitable campaigns.

For now, it’s a good think to know.


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Written by Mateen