Beginner Resources

If you’re new to Affiliate Marketing, first read the 7 part series below, then move on to the other articles.


 [Total Reading Time: 40-60 mins]

Part 1: Introduction to Paid Affiliate Marketing
Part 2: Setting up everything
Part 3: Setting up your first campaign
Part 4: Getting that first conversion
Part 5: Getting Consistent Conversions
Part 6: Profiting
Part 7: Affiliate Marketing as a Career

Success Stories/Motivational Articles

I made $622,322.96 in 2009 from affiliate marketing. AMA.
I’ve made millions online – ask me anything!
AMA – Affiliate Marketing + Guide “How I Made $5K w/ 1 Campaign
[AMA] $25m+ in affiliate mktg revenue & exiting the game: Ask me anything
Ask Me Anything About Affiliate Marketing – Justin Dupre
Ask me Anything about PPV Marketing (Owner of AffPlayBook)
What it takes to make $10k/Day (An AffPlayBook member)
Success Story/Super Affiliate Strategies you must now – Ahmit Mehta
Super Affiliate Marketing Strategies (Panel video discussion)
AMA Jon Fisher (Owner of WickedFire)
Shoemoney Success Story (Big Affiliate Marketer)
Pay-Per-Call Success Story Video
5k/1 month POF AMA

Good, Informative Articles


WF Posts

Making Money with ClickBank & SEO

Growing your Twitter Account

Making Money with ClickBank & Bing

Making $100-$300/day with Instagram

How to build a 6 Figure Local Lead Gen Business

Intext Traffic

My 50OnRed Tricks & Tips from a chat with a Traffic Rep

50OnRed In-text guide

50OnRed Intext tips (by

EmpowerNetwork 50OnRed Review

Making Money With Lead Generation


NEWSFEEDS/GENERAL, (The ‘Huffington Post’ of the Affiliate Marketing world)., (Compare all affiliate offers)


Free/Paid Forums

If you’re completely new start with free forums to see if Affiliate Marketing is for you. Go through the articles above and see if you can get a taste of what you like. Once you’re ready to get serious I suggest join a Paid forum. I use AffPlayBook which is awesome. Of course there are others so do your research and join what you think will work best for you.


AffPlayBook: (Click here $20 off EVERY month). I made my first $ the DAY I joined these guys, (no joke). A lot of the senior members offer tonnes of advice to your questions and will guide you to making your first $dollar online. Not to mention the tonnes of case studies, success stories, etc that will make money making online look easy.
IMGrind: I haven’t joined but I’ve seen/heard great things about them




Affiliate Networks

I work with the following, (Money I’ve generated thus far is next to each).

MaxBounty: ~$10,000, (August 2013 -November 2013)

WolfStormMedia: ~$500, (September 2013 – November 2013)
ClickBank: ~$200, (August 2013 – November 2013)
PeerFly: ~ $5, (August 2013 – September 2013)
AboveAllOffers: ~ Recently joined
MundoMedia: ~ Recently joined
ShareaSale: ~ Joined but haven’t started promoting yet
Commission Junction: ~ Joined but haven’t started promoting yet
Avangate: ~ Joined but haven’t started promoting yet

Others that are known in the Industry,
A4D, (Ads 4 Dough)

Traffic Sources

PPV What I use,

– LeadImpact
– TrafficVance
– 50OnRed

PPV Others,

AdOn Network


PPC What I Use


More Resources (For those that can’t get enough of reading!)

Big Affiliate Marketing Resource List

After Reading all these, I hope by now you have enough information to get started. In many cases you’ll have hundreds of ideas whizzing through your mind. Just pick something and go with it. The main goal now is to gain some experience. Good luck, and contact me if you need anything.


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