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The above boosters should be read in conjunction with the videos below!

I’ve aimed to include everything I know on to easy readable and viewable content.



Teespring Marketing Booster Videos


1M Power Editor Walkthrough


2M Audience Insights


3M Most Targeted First


4M Lookalike Audiences


5M Retargeting


6M Custom Audiences

Teespring Design Booster Pack


1D Layers


2D Basic Tools


3D Other Tools


4D Installing Different Fonts


5D Adding Borders


6D Warping Text


7D Inverting Images


8D Cutting Images to Shapes


9D Text Outlines In Silhouettes


10D Invisible Text Borders


11D Magic Wand


12D Duplicating Layers


13D DollarPhotoClub


14D SinCity Effect


15D Sharpening Images


16D Surfing Through Fonts


17D Images Within Texts


18D Limiting to 10 Colors


19D Splash Effect


20D Basic Design


21D Intermediate Design


22D Advanced Design


Teespring Outsourcing Booster Pack


1O Finding a Designer


2O Filtering Applicants


3O Researching


4O Using Escrow


List Building Booster Pack


1C Website Overview


2C Affengineer Overview


3C Viral Giveaways

Bonus! – PPV Booster Pack


P1 Buying a Domain


P2 Simple Landing Page Design

Bonus! – Blogging Booster Pack
book copy

1B Buying a Domain


2B Installing WordPress


3B Pages and Posts


4B Google Analytics


5B Google Webmasters