Teespring Design Booster Pack



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This should be read in conjunction with the videos below!

Once you’ve gone through the content at least twice, get straight into launching campaigns. Don’t stop till you launch¬†50 of them, seriously! The knowledge within this course will be internalised this way.


1D Layers


2D Basic Tools


3D Other Tools


4D Installing Different Fonts


5D Adding Borders


6D Warping Text


7D Inverting Images


8D Cutting Images to Shapes


9D Text Outlines In Silhouettes


10D Invisible Text Borders


11D Magic Wand


12D Duplicating Layers


13D DollarPhotoClub


14D SinCity Effect


15D Sharpening Images


16D Surfing Through Fonts


17D Images Within Texts


18D Limiting to 10 Colors


19D Splash Effect


20D Basic Design


21D Intermediate Design


22D Advanced Design