Words/Phrases commonly used in Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing/Marketer: The concept of marketing a companies product or service through the internet. Commonly referred to as an ‘affiliate’. (Basically people like me and you).

Affiliate Network: A company, usually a website that acts as the medium between companies that are looking for ‘affiliate marketers’ (us). They will usually have a long list of ‘offers’ you can promote. All you have to do is select one you are interested in and start promoting!

Keywords: Words or phrases of that are usually typed into a search bar when looking for something. E.g, if you were to type ‘affiliate marketing’ into google search then that would be a keyword.

Pay Per Call: This is a method of affiliate marketing where you are paid per call you generate to a company. Some companies have this program. They’re still relatively new and are becoming very popular particularly since Google is being used more on smartphones. Usually companies will pay you about $2 – $50 for a minimum 30s to 2min phone call you generate them. Pretty cool huh?

PPC: A type of affiliate marketing where you, (the affiliate marketer), pays traffic sources like Google & Bing a certain amount of money, from $0.05 to even $25 per click on your ad Google generates. This will make more sense later on. Basically when you search something and see ‘featured ads’, well these guys are paying Google per click they get from someone like you who has searched for the keyword term they ‘bid on’.

PPV: A type of affiliate marketing where you, the affiliate,  generate ‘pop ups’ when customers visit certain websites whos URL you have ‘bid on’.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization might be new to many but you’ve all seen it before. When you type something in the Google search bar and a list of related websites are displayed. There is a science behind getting your website to display when someone searches a keyword in that search bar. This science is commonly referred to SEO. Companies pay hundreds and thousands for this service because having the number one spot on google for a particular keyword is like having your business in the middle of New York.

Traffic Source: Any website or company that generates ‘traffic’ or has access to a lot of people that can be advertised to. Google & Bing are popular ‘traffic sources’. There are literally hundreds more.