There’s a few things I’ve had to change about myself while on this ‘affiliate’ journey. After coming out from a 2 year career in civil engineering I was used to a certain lifestyle. A lifestyle I later found out to be detrimental to the success of an affiliate.

You see, in the working world, you trade your time and effort in return to a promised, secure income. Whether that payment be 10$/hour or $50/hour, to the average person it’s enough just knowing that most definitely at the end of the day you are technically a certain $xx amount richer. This allows you to plan ahead. You can work out your monthly income and get used to a lifestyle of security.

As an affiliate or in business in general, it is not uncommon to experience a week of negative ROI, meaning to make a loss for a continuous week! It took me a while to realize that there is no such thing as earning ‘x’ amount per day. Why? Because everyday there are many factors that effect the performance of your sales/leads. From the time of the month to even the weather there really are an incalculable number of factors. For this reason, expect loss. Calculate your income based on a week or better yet, monthly basis. You’ll save yourself a lot of heartache this way.

With this in mind you, as an affiliate need to reprogram your mind to accept the following things,

  • You WILL lose money in affiliate marketing. There is almost no such thing as being in the positives right at the start. Many affiliates understand that when investing ‘$50’ or ‘$100’ into a campaign you are investing in ‘data’. That is you are going to get some numerical information to which you can base your next move. Although it’s exciting to see a conversion, it’s better to focus on WHERE this conversion came from and whether this is consistent or a one off fluke. Once you see a certain keyword or URL performing well it usually opens up a whole bunch of angle ideas that will assist in optimizing your campaign.

  • Reading will give you ideas but ACTION will get you the money. I’ve never been much to read a lot. In fact I just usually scan articles really quickly, (which could be really bad sometimes), but I just hate reading! Whether or not I think I am prepared for something I usually like to just test it and ‘see what happens’. I have found countless number of times that there is much more value in experience then reading too much into things. Don’t get me wrong, gaining knowledge is great but don’t let the overwhelming amount of information available to us these days paralyze you in taking action. Make it a habit to list a couple of tasks that will get you more experience in your game. You can read my post here to see what the difference between ‘knowledge based tasks’ and ‘action based tasks’ are.

  • Get into the habit of learning. When I started affiliate marketing there was just so much I didn’t know. From HTML to PHP to PhotoShop I was clueless. What I DID know was that I had YouTube and therefore I would eventually learn what I needed. It’s ALWAYS an uncomfortable feeling knowing you don’t even know where to begin learning something but just search what you need to learn in YouTube and go from there. You can even start by asking someone who knows to give you some pointers but the best way is just to spend a good week just nutting it out and doing it over and over and over again.

  • Let knowledge be your success. I know we all want to make money from this business but in time we all realize that the real value is in the knowledge you gain of ‘how to make money in affilaite marketing’. As long as you are LEARNING you are SUCCEEDING, don’t worry if you’re losing money. Even if your 1k down or hell, 10k down, do you know a lot more now then you did before investing that money? Answer probably is >YES<. If that’s the case then continue, you’re doing great!

  • Become a statistic freak. Numbers have done wonders for the human race. It’s allowed us to track things which ultimately let us build bigger and better things and continually improve what we were able to create previously. Numbers allow us to extract a large amount of information from just a few moments of scanning data. In affiliate marketing you need to get used to tracking things. To be able to see where your sales are coming from so you can cut all of the stuff that isn’t working and concentrate on what is. This is how you make big money or any money at all for that matter. If you don’t have this approach you’re basically throwing money at the wall. Set up your tracking as early as you can in your affiliate marketing career and it will get you ahead of the affiliates that usually end up giving up.

  • FOCUS. Now this is a REALLY important one. Again, when I first started my affiliate career it was easy to get caught up in all that buzz of ‘this affiliate is making $10,000+ on FaceBook’ or ‘that affiliate is making $30,000+ on Google pay per call, etc. You’ll come to a point where you realize in order to progress in this you NEED to concentrate on just ONE thing. Whether it’s pay-per-call on Google or PPV on LeadImpact, stick to something until you make it work. The people that are making BIG money in this usually get insanely good at ONE thing. You can always transfer your skills to another traffic source or another affiliate marketing method later on but for now just stick to one thing.

Well, that’s all I can think of for now. There’s a lot more I had to train myself on doing like working a good amount of ‘focused hours’ a day, polyphonic sleep, and eating really healthy. Let me know if you want me to talk about this, I’ll be happy to do so.

That’s it for now, go build some campaigns 🙂

Written by Mateen