Like I’ve mentioned before, PPV brings in about 95%+ of my revenue so it’s fair to say you guys can make a lot of money if you master this method. I know people making 10k+ Profits daily with PPV so it definitely works! I’ve personally hit $200+ profit days on some of my campaigns on this.


Traffic Source: LeadImpact, (This is usually recommended to start with)
Affiliate Network MaxBounty
Tracking Tool Prosper202
URL Scrapers Affrobot, (Use my discount code before you join)

Step 1) Find an offer

Log in to MaxBounty or which ever Affiliate Network your with and find an offer that allows ‘contextual’ or PPV traffic. You HAVE to make sure this is allowed or you might get kicked off their network and any money you’ve made will be stripped right out of your account. I just look for anything that I’m not ethically or morally against that allows PPV and start promoting it. Don’t be too picky, you’ll be surprised what works!



Step 2) Find ‘targets’

Targets usually refer to keywords or URLs that you’ll select for your PPV campaigns. When someone types this ‘target’ in their URL or search bar, your offer will pop-up. Type a few keywords related to your offer into Google. One to three keywords are usually enough. For each keyword’s search results, copy and paste the URLs of the ads/websites that appear. Save these on to a notepad. For example if I’m promoting a Survey offer I’ll type in ‘paid surveys’ which gives me the below results. (I’ve highlighted in green what we’re interested in).



Find about 20 or so of these and paste them to a notepad. Next your’re going to set up the campaign on LeadImpact.

Step 3) Setting up tracking

I’m not going into detail here but I use Prosper202 for tracking. Make sure you have this set up. You can continue without tracking but you won’t know which targets are profitable or not so you will most likely always be in loss!

Set up your campaign on Prosper202 and get your Prosper generated link which should look something like this,

You’ll be using this link in the next step as your ‘Landing Page URL’.

Step 4) Setting up your Campaign

I use LeadImpact for this but offcourse you can use what ever PPV network you’ve signed up with. I’ve heard LeadImpact and TrafficVance provide the best quality so I’ve decided to stick with them to start with. ┬áLeadImpact Does have a minimum $200 initial deposit though so make sure you’re ready to commit to this before you jump in!

This part is pretty simple, just click ‘Create a Campaign’ and fill in what you need to. Make sure you click the ‘keyword -pass-through- checkbox.


The next screen is where you add your selected ‘Targets’. The ones you’ve saved on your notepad. I’ve only put in three but make sure you put about 20, like I mentioned earlier.




Finish setting up your campaign and that’s it for now. You’ve pretty much got your first campaign up and running! Well done. It takes LeadImpact about 1-2 working days to approve your campaign so just wait around till you get their confirmation email. Once your campaign is live and running you should be able to see which keywords or URLs are bringing in money. Prosper202 is great for this. Below is what it tells you. (I’ve cut out some columns so it fits into this post.

1Once you have this data back you can see if you’ve made any sales, where the sales came from, etc. I have a small amount of data here, I usually wait till the clicks are around 200-500 before seeing whether or not it’s worth keeping some targets. If I’ve had 1000+ clicks and spent $20 with zero conversions, clearly it’s time to remove it. There’s a lot you can do with the winning target to get more sales but that’s for another post ­čśë

This should be enough to get you started so to those who have prosper202 installed and accounts with the necessary companies, start building those campaigns!

Part 4: Getting that first conversion

Written by Mateen