I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for a good 4 months now and although there definitely are ample benefits of living this lifestyle, you rarely hear about what ‘frustrations’ exist in the average affiliate marketers world.

I feel like this will be more of a rant then a blog post haha

But seriously, there are some things that really do get to me when being an ‘affiliate marketer’

You need to explain what affiliate marketing is EVERY time you meet someone new: Two years ago, when meeting new people, I could get away with just saying ‘I’m a Civil Engineer that builds commercial pipelines around Melbourne’. People some-what understand that. Now, when I tell people I’m an affiliate marketer, (I try and avoid this term), I’m usually received with a blank look followed by a barrage of questions on how ‘selling something online but not handling the logistics’ is even possible.

Society is very unaccommodating of the affiliate lifestyle. I usually do the majority of my work in the morning. From 5am to 10am I’m finished with most of the items on my ‘to-do’ list which leaves pretty much my whole day free to do other things. At this stage, I CAN work more if I want, which I rarely do, or try and see if there is anything else to do. This is where I get stuck. During the day, there is NO one free! It’s weird to see everyone go to ‘work’ and be unavailable a WHOLE 5 days in a row, when all the good stuff happens. Come 5pm, people come home, rest and a couple of hours later are ready to do something but by this time, during the early part of the week, all shopping centers are closed, leaving VERY little things to do! Now, I usually wouldn’t complain about this but the last month or two I have been BORED OUT OF MY BRAINS! I seriously need to pick up a day time hobby. That, or I need to free all my friends from the slavery of work haha. Any ideas?

Politely declining peoples request to show them what I do. For the most part I would LOVE to show people what affiliate marketing is and wouldn’t mind spending time with people to set them up etc. Unfortunately the path of entrepreneurship, affiliate marketing or business in general is different for everyone. There IS no structure to go about doing things hence, apart from showing the very basics and some case studies there really isn’t much I can show them. 90% needs to be come from trialing and erroring by yourself, testing your assumptions and basically learning on your own. This is seldom understood by people who just want an absolutely risk-free and efficient way to ‘invest’ there money. Most people don’t have the patience or drive to make this work which is frustrating to see, especially when I know they’re very capable individuals, (which are 99% of people). These days I just tell them I buy and sell stuff online and as I also sell stuff here and there on eBay, I just refer to that as what I do full time to avoid being requested to personally mentor them throughout the whole process.

It’s difficult to get your mind off ‘work-mode’: This is a biggy for me. When I used to work a 9-5 job, I’d come home, relax, and be satisfied with knowing that I’ve done my ‘work’ for the day. Now days however, I do a good 4 -6 hours during the day and as I come up with more ideas feel like I need to get back to work! I’m sure many people have found away to manage this and I know it’s mostly about your mentality but I just haven’t been able to discipline myself to working only a set amount of hours a day. I just keep on working whether that means physically sitting down on the computer, or the active part of my brain ticking through ideas whilst in ‘deep’ conversation with people.

Explaining to people, (mostly family) why I quit my job: Now, I’m from India, where the large majority of people strive VERY hard to go through school and find a job. I would have been seen as quite successful considering I was able to do this abroad, (Australia), where an average wage here translates into huge $$$ there. When explaining to my Indian family that I work online, I’m usually greeted with a ‘why the hell don’t you work also!?’ Seriously, what? I guess this is the result of generations of conditioning a nation to work HARD for your money that when they hear about trying to create a work-life balance where you prioritize freeing up your time, it doesn’t make any sense to them. Infact, it doesn’t make sense to most people. The nature of business in general is that it requires a good deal of attention. People seldom find success, concentrating on their business on the side. If you want freedom through working on your own, make it your priority, not something you do on the side here and there when you have the time, (which is almost never).

I can honestly rant on for ages here but I’ve got to go get some lunch :p

I might add some more things later, this was fun haha





Written by Mateen