Woooooooooo New Record Day!


Wow, I hit $376.87 U.S, (profit) On Wednesday! (01/22/2013)

That’s about $410 Aussie Dollars which is crazy! It’s well above what I’ve ever made in my life in a single day and the funniest thing is I made most of it while I was asleep LOL.

I think I’ll make a new section for my blog called ‘records’ and every time I beat my record, I’ll blog about it and say what I think contributed to the new number. let’s look at it as a mini monthly report.

I know personally, the most beneficial types of posts for me were the ones where the blogger would speak about what he did to contribute to his achievements, as specifically as possible. So here goes,

What I did Differently

Teesprings: I’m yet to blog about this awesome website but basically you can design your own custom tees, hoodies and tops in general and sell them on a revenue share basis. You can set the price of your product and market it via pretty much anything. The customization ability pretty much makes opportunities with this unlimited!

I tested a few Google PPC & FaceBook campaigns, through out about 5-10 custom designs and saw what worked. I quickly scrapped what types didn’t work and multiplied the ones that did and in no time was seeing $200+ profit days JUST with this!

I SERIOUSLY recommend you guys to get into this. Below are some links that got me started,

WarriorForum Post 

Youtube Video

You don’t need a fancy website or anything to get started, it’s THE simplest revenue share/affiliate based website I know so check it out!


I’m still throwing out about 3-5 campaigns a day with this, deep linking to best selling/unique products. Some days I’m making $50+ profit with just this but it’s steadily growing and I’m sure it’s just a matter of time till I find some campaigns I can scale BIG time. The Beauty of SaS products is that many times, they accept international sales which means scaling working campaigns is just a matter of duplicating it to another country! Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Repitition/Quantity Approach

Everytime I have an idea in mind, or something new I want to try, (Teespring for example), I don’t just set up one campaign or one angle for it. I set up AT LEAST 5. I’ve found through my experience that success lies in fine tuning a system to make it work so chances are the first 5-10 times you launch a campaign, you won’t see success. BUT, you will learn from them and the chances of hitting success will increase everytime you fail. If you find yourself as being the type to  just try something a few times, give up and move one, then I seriously suggest rethinking that strategy. If someone else is making it work, you can too, it’s just a matter of sticking to it till you unlock all the secrets 😉

80/20 Rule 

Last year I spent a good amount of time just experimenting. I quit my day job with absolutely NO clue what to do! All I knew was that I had the ability, time & money to find something eventually and all I had to do was find it.

This year, after all those tests and experiments, I’ve learned a TONNE of things and so I decided to stop focusing on just experimentation and start focusing on just building campaigns using the strategies I know work.

Anyways, there’s a small piece of where my mind is at right now. I’m planning on going to Thailand in the next few weeks and am aiming to hit a $500 Profit day before I go. With Teesptings & SaS, I know I can hit it! Wish me luck guys & if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to comment below.

~ Mateen


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Written by Mateen