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It’s taken me a while to get back into my blogging routine, (Tuesdays & Thursdays), so i apologize to the disappointed regulars who kept checking up on a quiet blog.

In this post I wanted to blog about something I’ve realized after months of testing things out.


Using myself as an example when I first started my entrepreneurial journey I ended up quitting work cold turkey, with no income coming in from anywhere else. I didn’t even have much of a plan. The plan was to succeed via any means necessary and I had belief in myself that I would.

That being said the first 6 months I was just jumping from business idea to business idea, experiment to experiment. The problem with this is, yeah I was learning a lot, but at the start of anything there’s a huge learning curve. Once you get over that curve, things start to fall into place. I was switching to another business industry BEFORE i passed the learning curve for my previous idea!

I realized, after 6 months of doing this that there is absolutely NO point doing anything unless I learn marketing and that’s when I started Internet Marketing.

If only I could have sat down for a while and really planned things out. Asked myself the important questions like “How are you actually going to generate sales from this”?

Now my approach to business is very different. That’s the first question I ask and tackle – where are my customers at? Find a hungry market and give them what they want. This is how things started to change. Instead of picking a product first I started to think about the people.

This can be well illustrated with Teespring. I do a lot of this and recently started to go heavy on testing things on FaceBook. I will admit, Facebook has been the hardest thing for me to break into! Targeting was very hard to learn but I think I’m starting to get the hang of it. I’m starting to find success in thinking about WHO would LOVE buy something first.

For example there was an interesting shirt design called ‘trust me I’m an Engineer’ that was selling very well on teespring.com. This was something me and my friends used to say at uni as a joke but it also made us feel somewhat proud. Why can’t this apply to other niches where people are PROUD to be something? Doctors, Pilots, Lawyers? All are rich professions?

I’ve also realized you need a GREAT design. Not just some text designed in paint and slapped onto a shirt, you need to get more creative then that. Look at the shirts below,

example teespring

I’ve taken these from teespring.com/discover

They’re pretty good designs right? Yes, there are some other shabby designs that still seem to sell but if you think about it, if you were to wear something, you’d want it to look GOOD.

Another thing youll realize is that all the hoodies above are TARGETED at something/someone. And this brings me back to the topic. The designer/creator of these shirts has thought about WHO he’s going to target before he’s made the hoodie!

Especially the “I can’t keep calm I’m a Gomez“. I can see how that would work VERY well if the person’s targeting people with the last name ‘gomez’. It’s funny, it’s definitely unique and the phrase ‘Keep Calm…” is known.

Bottom line, when trying to make money off selling anything, whether that means CPA, physical products or whatever, make sure you have some ideas about WHO you’re going to market things to. People like buying things that appeal to THEM.

A surname, a burning desire/interest, a profession, etc.


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