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If you’re going to get into promoting teespring offers via FaceBook ads, then the question of ‘How to make good FaceBook Newsfeed Ads for Teespring will naturally arise.

Before I got into teespring, I was relatively new to FaceBook advertising. Most of my time previously was spent building Google PPC & PPV campaigns. I was actually doing quite well, around $100-$200 per day, sometimes even hitting $300.

The few times I DID try FaceBook to promote affiliate offers, I failed miserably. I could never get campaigns profitable let alone get a conversion. i knew there was something I was doing wrong but couldn’t put my finger on it.

For all that time I was using column ads which look like the below,



I’m sure this works for many affiliates, I just couldn’t get CPC’s lower then 50-60 cents. Come to think of it, it was probably also my crappy targeting.

After reading a lot on FaceBook and teespring, I saw a trend in success coming from using newsfeed ads. Immediately I saw a MUCH better response. Now days, that’s all I use. I can get CPC’s as low as 5 cents, (I’m sure other affiliates can get them lower), and most of the time build profitable campaigns.

In the case of teespring, I thought I’d write about how I go about setting up my newsfeed ad. It’s not rocket science and the basis of it all is to just make it simple-stupid.

Below as an example of what my ad would look like,

nf adWhy this Ad Works

  • The image is big, right in your face. You WILL notice it.
  • In the header I’ll write things like, Love Bass Fishing? This shirt is for you!
  • There’s an arrow pointing to the shop now, so people know where to click if they want to buy it. For us, it’s obvious but you’d be surprised how many messages you’ll get from people who don’t know where to buy it from.
  • It’s simple. It takes about 5 seconds to scan it, like it, and click it. Not too much text, just enough to give you an idea of what this is doing on your newsfeed.

I’ve found, the simpler you make things, the better the response you get. Especially when it comes to social media. People are there to have fun and see what their friends and family are up to. If you want to pitch them something, in this case, a shirt, then make it quick and effective.

Anyone have any other tips, comment below!

~ Mateen

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