90% of the questions I get are the same or VERY similar to each other. I though I’d make a ‘FAQS’ section on it which I’ll continue to update as I get more questions.

I’m a newbie to all this, Can you point me in the right direction?

Here is a Beginners post I did that covers a lot of things beginners need to know!

At what point do you stop a campaign if it isn’t profitable? For example, if you have one sale and you’ve spent $30, do things pick up after you get your first sale? Or do you have a cutoff like if at $50 spent it isn’t profitable then cut it?

This is pretty much correct,

General rules are,

  • $10/day budget
  • Let it run for $30 spend, (3 days)
  • 2 sales+ continue, maybe even increase budget If sales start to drop and frequency is approaching 1.8-2+ lower budget.
  • 1 sale on third day, run for another $10-$20.ย No sales, drop. 3-4+ sales, continue

How do you go about scaling, as in what increments do you increase your budget?

Scaling’s a weird issue. I’m not exactly sure what FB does when you increase your budget. It would make sense that they advertise it more but since you usually get good post engagement on successful camps, increasing the budget doesn’t necessarily mean increased sales. If my camps are doing REALLY well, (20-40 sales a day+), then I might try $100/’day budgets but anything around 5-10 sales I’ll leave it at around $30-$50/day. Most of the time I keep it under $100 though as these are rare.

With the โ€˜cute enough to stop your heartโ€™ hoodies campaign, were you able to direct link to Google adwords? (I read somewhere that you can but just checking)

Yes, teespring seems to be both Google AND FaceBook friendly when it comes to Direct Linking. QS will depend on how you word your Teespring Description, head line and keyword selection with Google though.

Did you just use Adwords or did you use Bing too? (if so what results could you get with Bing?)

Yes, I did use Bing as well which brought in some traffic. Could never track if it was converting though, just assumed it was. I would say it was about 20% of the traffic.

Hey man, I’ve been getting 8%+ CTR on designs, with likes and comments saying stuff like “I want it!” But no sales on the backend, where would you go from there?

Wow, that’s odd! Maybe the price is an issue? I would think the concept is good, but the design isn’t ‘buy worthy’. I would do a re-design for sure.

When you’ve got a selling design, do you run fb ads until the last day of shirt campaign? And do you always run the campaign to the maximum length of 21 days?

I run the teespring camp to 10 days as I find sales usually die down around that period.

I don’t run FB ads all the way till the end UNLESS I am profiting. Usually, sales die and I’ll start hitting neutral/negative days, that’s when I stop and let the teespring camp run out.

Give me 5 starting points

  1. Search ‘teespring case study’ in youtube/google and read/watch everything you can
  2. Set aside $2,000 you’re willing to use to test. (You need to be comfortable in losing this).
  3. Jump straight in and start testing ideas
  4. Test 3-5 designs a day, spend around $20 on each test and scrap it if you see no sales.
  5. Rinse and Repeat 10’s of times until you hit success.

This is what I did around 50 times till I broke through.


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