For a long time I didn’t use conversion tracking for my teespring campaigns. I got a pretty good result using the ‘page post engagement’ so never thought it was much of a necessity.

I started noticing that some of my campaigns would do quite well in terms of CTR BUT sales wouldn’t be relatively that great. I’ve heard of many people using facebook tracking to optimize their conversions but I just didn’t have the patience for it since you had to manually email teespring support for each campaign and I’d sometimes have 140 or so camps up and running! Not to mention, teespring support is quite slow.

Anyway, since they updated their platform options around a month ago to allow you to just paste your pixel ID number in their tracking option I though I’d give it a go!

A lot has contributed to the success of my teespring campaigns with facebook advertising. One of THE biggest things was the ability to EXPAND a winning concept to many different variations of it and further expand to other likely converting countries.

Frankly, I thing the U.S, Canada & United Kingdom are quite saturated when it comes to advertising. For this reason I tend to advertise very little there. I like to try the other 200 or so countries that are on the FB platform since many of them have completely untapped markets!

I used to set up a separate campaign for every country for the particular design I had performing relatively well. Using the ‘optimize by conversion’ option I can just select countries in certain batches and FB will optimize where I’m getting conversions! How good is that!?

The below Video will walk you through how to install the conversion pixel on your teespring campaign,

FB will also spit out a report, giving you data on what kind of demographic is converting well for you! A forum member on AffPlaybook pointed it out.


Finding the Report Option On FB





Conversions by Gender & Age

This is GREAT as it gives you specific info on how many conversions each age range gave you, what gender converted the best, even what country the conversions came from!

Really powerful stuff!

I really recommend using the ‘optimize by conversions’ option for your teespring campaigns, you’ll get data on converting demographics AND you should see better conversions, (I did in my case).

Good luck!

~ Mateen


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Written by Mateen