I’ve been asked heaps of times from friends and family to teach them what I do. I used to be up for this, often going to their houses to get them off their feet, but many of them would quit to soon. Although this may seem much easier for me now, there were many times I gave up when I first started and I wanted to list those moments below to see if any of you guys can connect. It’s not easy at the start but it WILL get easier with experience.

Failed First Campaigns

It’s not uncommon for newbies, when getting started on their first campaign, to want everything to be perfect. Once they start advertising they really think it’s going to work. After spending $30-$50, (in many cases much more), in advertising, they don’t get any conversions and become really disheartened. This was me when I started. I put so much effort in my first product and was totally thrown off when it didn’t convert at all. This is NORMAL. Don’t get disheartened, KEEP GOING. I was on my 10th+ campaign and $500 in the hole before I saw a single conversion. The most valuable thing at this stage is the experience and internal growth you’re accumulating.

No Time

Most people that want to get into this have full time jobs. I understand the feeling of coming home after a long, mentally and physically draining work shift, and wanting to just relax. If you REALLY want this, then you’re going to make it work no matter what. If you want to make this work and you’re in this kind of routine, just aim to get your first conversion. Once you’ve got that aim for your first profitable campaign. Each time you hit a milestone you should get a rush of motivation and you’ll often find yourself MAKING time here and there to work on this.

Pressure from Family and Friends, (Negativity)

There aren’t many people at all who are affiliates and most of the time you’ll be surrounded by people that don’t have a clue on making money online. Maybe they’ve heard it here and there and read stories about people being scammed. You’ll often find yourself being the only one that believes in this but that belief might start to fade in time if you haven’t found success yet. In time the lack of support might turn into doubt and it’l start to feel like a dream only the blessed ones can achieve. That’s far from the case. You really need a supportive environment to escape to, to keep your motivation levels high. If your part of AffPlaybook you know what I’m talking about. It’s a place where everyone makes this lifestyle look normal and often that’s enough to keep you going.

Too Much to Learn

No doubt, the learning curve in affiliate marketing is steep. If you’re like me and knew nothing about making websites, prosper or anything, design, etc it’s ok. I learnt all this stuff from scratch! You don’t need to learn the ins and outs of website development or everything to do with design. After a week of learning something new I’ll often find I know enough to get things working. It may feel intimidating to hear HTML or Photoshop but if you just give it a solid week each, with the right YouTube videos, you should have enough knowledge and practice to start setting up campaigns. Learning these things are only a once off process.

Damn, that was a crap eBook

There are a LOT of products out there. From eBooks to video courses, pretty much every affiliate marketing topic is written about somewhere. If you bought something online and it wasn’t quite what you were looking for at all, welcome to the club. I had bought tonnes of ebooks before I started to make things work and I used to think they were a waste of money. Nowadays, even if I can take away ONE thing from it that I didn’t know, I’m happy. Often people fail because they don’t take MASS action. Affiliate Marketing products aren’t supposed to give you working campaigns to simply duplicate. They’re meant to give you a system that, with the right amount of trials and errors, you should be able to get working. Try 50-100 times before you write it off as a bad product. I can almost guarantee you’ll break through and get things working.

If you’re story is at any of the above points, keep going, it’s meant to be tough and you’re meant to have doubts. If this was easy to turn into a career then everyone would be doing it. The struggle is there to separate the REAL warriors from the wimps.

Good luck!

~ Mateen

Written by Mateen