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April 2014 Income Report

April 2014 Income Report

Last month was monstrous. At around 85k Profit, it was almost twice as much as my annual NET salary when I was employed as an engineer. For a newbie affiliate like me, for something like this to come so early was VERY important. Why? Well you don’t realize it but many of your subconscious beliefs play a big role on how you handle yourself in your daily life. My employed position was paying me around 70k which after taxes ended up being somewhat around 4k a month NET. When I got into this business I told myself that all I needed to do was aim for something around that 4k/month mark and I’d be sweet. No doubt, it WAS great but why did I aim for 4k? Why not 10k or 20k? This year I made a commitment, to make 150k Profit by the end of 2014. and I’m almost 70% of the way there! Unbelievable.

After making that commitment I feel as though I HAVE to achieve that 150k. I need to prove to myself that no matter how big the goal, I can achieve it. That’s the reason hitting a number so big was crucial last month. It made me feel like I can earn millions if I put my mind to it. I just need to truly believe it and my mind and body will continually make decisions aimed at that goal. I know it all sounds cliche’ but I finally understand this whole ‘believe and achieve’ thing many successful entrepreneurs talk about.

The peak is over, keeping the momentum

Anyway, enough of that. The end of last month signaled signs of slowing down. It was becoming increasingly hard to find profitable campaigns and keep those $x,xxx going. I kind of exhausted myself near the end of it and decided to slow down a bit for my sanity’s sake. I was beginning to look like Doc from Back to the Future, (seriously).

I decided to drop back, work a little less, eat better and just work enough to bring in a healthy profit this month. Nothing too big but enough to feel good about. I was aiming for 10k, but 7k isn’t that far from it so I’m satisfied.

Much of last month was made of a single, extremely expandable campaign which was becoming quickly saturated. I was finding little pockets of gold here and there using the same design(s), like trying different countries, different variations, etc, but in the back of my mind I knew this would finish soon.

Mid Week

As mentioned earlier, my main teespring idea slowed down big time and by mid week was completely diminished. I decided to just find other FaceBook and Teespring campaigns that I hoped would pick up. Some showed promise but it was pretty difficult to keep up with ending campaigns and finding new campaigns that worked. The campaign life for my teespring campaign is around 4-8 days. This is something I absolutely hate about FaceBook & Teespring. I’ve just created a high paying full-time job for myself which has taken a lot of the ‘passive’ aspect out of this business which is something I really wanted.

I did manage to find a lot of good campaigns though but they just weren’t near as enough expandable as last months campaign.

End of Month

I started to use FaceBooks feature of ‘optimizing by website conversions’ more often. Previously I used to use Post Page Engagement which worked great to get your posts out there but was not a great indication of a winning teespring campaign. Using website conversions I can tell where my conversions are coming from so I can drill down on my demographic! This is brilliant information.

Drilling down on ages, genders and even countries allows me to build on my affiliate marketing knowledge. I keep a list of top converting countries and other important information I can use for other FaceBook campaigns.

During the end of the month I started to incorporate this method more and just bunched together, by alphabet, countries I hadn’t tried yet. FaceBook automatically concentrates on countries that bring in conversions which makes finding other countries that convert an absolute breeze. MANY affiliates don’t do this with teespring campaigns which leaves a HUGE opportunity for the savvy affiliate.

Realizing the Importance of Diversity, AGAIN

Due to the crazy numbers FaceBook + Teespring was bringing in, I gave little to no attention to my other profitable campaigns. Bad idea? I’m not too sure. It allowed me to make the most out of this massive opportunity which was a better choice in the end I think. In saying that, after everything stabilized I started to see those dreaded negative days again. I DO understand they are inevitable when it comes to paid affiliate marketing. This is a very volatile business and the numerics of it depends on many factors but to a large extent you can control how much you put yourself at risk of negative ROI.

It’s necessary to have a strong foothold in different traffic sources, different offers and in general just different methods to generate income. I started to realize this again at the end of the month and in May have started to somewhat diversify again. More on this in the next posts and May’s report.

More Master Classes: Consulting

Stefanie, one of the top contributing members of AffPlayBook recently offered Group Webinars on Running a successful consulting business. I was part of the master classes last year and realized the value of it straight away. You have to be part of the AffPlayBook forum to be able to purchase the classes but if you want to be in this long-term, the knowledge is gold! Join here, ($20/Month Off link).

Having your own home business is good but the general nature of affiliate marketing is that it’s very secretive. It’s hard to ‘help’ people while still not giving away too much information for them to know your campaign. I’ve often thought of transferring this knowledge of online marketing into a real more tangible business that I can proudly be a part of. I LOVE giving business advice and I think helping businesses get to where they want to be would be really satisfying.

I can tell Stef has a LOT of experience in what she does and those huge SEO/Consulting related posts she’s got around APB made that quite clear. Somewhere in the near future I’m hoping to build a more stable income with starting/growing this side of my business unless I get caught up in some other profit hurricane like March lol.

Necessity for Simplicity

One of my favorite approaches to this whole business, (and one that has paid off BIG TIME), is finding a process that is efficient, profitable, somewhat enjoyable and generally EASY. Whether you’re involved in PPC, Pay Per Call, Facebook, etc, you’re going to frustrate yourself in trying to get it right straight off the bat. You’re going to make the process, long, draining and torturous, something that will put you off.

I wrote a post on how to make a teespring newsfeed ad for FaceBook a week or so ago. I think many people after reading it would agree that it was relatively simple. The only text I ad in my text copy is a headline. I leave the other fields blank! My background is white and my teespring campaign descriptions are 4 lines and barely 30 words.

Although I outsource a lot of this stuff now, it took me such little time to set up all this that I was literally just churning these out! Sometimes I would set up 40 campaigns in one day! Imagine how much I’d learn after a week of that! What about a month?

This is my approach to everything. Find out a simple process that works then mass multiply it while learning lessons along the way so that after my 20th or so attempt, it should be in a good position to profit.

I’m a BIG process guy. A large part of my working career was spent ensuring processes were kept efficient and were being followed by people on the field. (I worked in construction). I know how important they are and try and map out things on notepad so I know what to do before I do it.

Bottom line, keep things simple and focus on learning from your mistakes instead of getting it right the first time.

Dropping Back and Thinking Long Term

Touching on the ‘slowing down’ topic again, this month I clearly realized the importance of having long term assets. Making pockets of cash is fun and exciting at times but for some reason you still feel insecure that this will all dry up. If things don’t work for too long you start to doubt yourself and may get caught up in the viciously cycle of doubt and lack of motivation for action.

At the start of this year I made a goal to have a large portion of my income coming from organic assets. This blog is one asset that’s showing more and more promise but there are many ideas I have in my mind that I need to implement. I used to put it off a lot because I was still desperate to get my income to a stable 4k a month but after last month I feel like I should take this opportunity to drop back and really give these long term sites a crack. Even if I can build ONE that kicks off, I’ll be happy. I need to be generating at LEAST 10k combined from long term assets alone.

These will be a combination of,

  • This blog
  • Datafeed sites
  • Maybe a niche site
  • Forum(s)
  • Other site websites I have in mind
  • Subscription sites.

I’ll start blogging about these more as they become more and more part of my business.

Goals to Keep me Going

You hear this time and time again. It’s crucial to be aiming for something specific before getting in to it. I explained earlier, I want to hit 150k profit by the end of this year. I also want to hit 10k/month for 3 consecutive months. I have many such number oriented goals. If you have them, then your mind works to get you there. If you DON’T have them however, your mind won’t know how to direct itself and you’ll often feel like you’re going nowhere.

I had a separate page a while ago on this blog called ‘GOALS’ where I’d list all the things I wanted to achieve in this business and I’d cross it off as I got there. If I were to look back at it now, I’ve achieved so many of them. I remember specifically putting down goals I really thought I couldn’t hit just to challenge myself.


Most of April was spent recovering from March’s 10 hour+ days. Although the money is GREAT, it’s not worth your health and life sacrifice. Balancing your entrepreneur mind with personal life can get very tricky especially if you work for yourself. Along with keeping myself motivated and focused enough to put in my 8 hours of solid work each day, I needed to be able to switch my brain off at important times and focus on my family, friends, my health and other things that are necessary for a good life.

This is a big realization I made in April and so like I mentioned earlier, I’ll be heavily focusing on long term assets that allow me to take a break when I want and still bring in an income. Having 1k a day steady from these would be awesome and I’ll be aiming for it by the end of this year or by next year.

Hope this report was beneficial, see you guys around the blog!

~ Mateen


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