I’ve often found myself stuck in between, really wanting to try a particular strategy or idea out and being totally put off by the amount of work necessary to learn it all.

At the start I was SO enthusiastic to learn everything. I enjoyed every moment of learning things and would spend the whole day working without even realizing the day had gone by!

Now, not so much. There’s still a lot of things I want to try, but just thinking of how much I need to learn to start actually trying these things makes me hesitant. This happened many times before I developed a strategy to overcome it.

The First 10

Something I’ve recently started doing is just focusing on trying something 10 times. Not to hope for success after the 10, although sometimes I do see a little profit, but mostly to get good enough at setting up/building on that strategy to the point I can do it in a considerably small amount of time and it gets so easy that it’s actually enjoyable to do.

One example was with my datafeed sites.

I procrastinated on the thought of starting these for AGES! For months actually. Just looking at some sample sites like these would put me off. I don’t know how, but I finally found some motivation to just make a start and forced myself to sign up to datafeedr and build my first datafeed site.

I asked a tonne of questions and got stuck several times and after 2-3 days of hammering away at it, I finally got my first site up. It was far from perfect but looked decent enough so I continued to my next one.

By the 5th site I was running into very little road blocks and could build them in just over an hour. Now, 12 sites later, I can make these in 45 minutes and know the process enough to begin outsourcing it. From 3 days, (going back and forth with forums, etc), to 45 minutes for a well polished, well built site, I would say that’s a huge improvement.

It made me realize something. Next time I really want to try something but am put off by the amount of work needed to get started, just focus on building the first 5-10, (depends on what the strategy is), and as I look for more simpler ways to do things, the process should get WAY easier.

If I can force myself to get started somehow, then I’m 50% of my way there. Once you get in the habit of doing it, it takes very little effort to continue with it.

I would say most people fail because they just don’t start, and if they do, they give up way too soon. Hopefully, this will help someone who’s been procrastinating for way too long to just jump in and get started :p

~ Mateen


Written by Mateen