Why It’s Important to Stick to One Traffic Source

Before we discuss FaceBook retargeting for our Teespring Campaigns, I’d like to touch upon why there’s so much emphasis on sticking to one traffic source till you make it work.

Often, at the start of our affiliate journey, we get tempted to jump around to what seems to be ‘hot’ at the time. This stops us from really investigating a particular concept, idea or strategy to the extent necessary to become successful at it.

See, the guys that make a lot of money in this industry, are usually those that have absolutely mastered a particular traffic source to the extent, they’re doing things that 95% of the people aren’t. They’re able to utilize little tricks and tips for their traffic source to make campaigns profitable. Campaigns most people would have a VERY hard time to profit from.

What is FaceBook Retargeting and how does it relate to Teespring Campaigns

The concept of ‘retargeting’ is basically to remarket our product to a visitor that has already  shown interest in our advertisement.

You might have noticed browsing around the net, on particular websites and then hopping on to FaceBook shortly after only to notice that same website now advertising to you on your news feed and side columns. This feature of FaceBook, FB retargeting, makes that possible.

Now, when we’re advertising our Teespring campaigns, it usually takes a while to get the momentum on our newsfeed ads going. comments, likes and shares start to get more frequent as your ad seems to build credibility as more people engage with it. Once you start getting a good amount of engagement, you’ll start getting a lot of visitors to you teespring campaign. A LOT of these visitors are just passerby’s. They’re sitting on the fence and maybe thought about getting it at the time but weren’t keen enough to make a purchase.

For visitors like these, you want to hit them AGAIN with your ad. You need to give them a bit more of a push, and sometimes, readvertising to them can do just that! This is where FaceBook retargeting comes in to play.

How do you Set Up Retargeting?

Below is an easy to follow guide on how to set this up. It’s done by teespring themselves and is what I followed to set mine up.


 A Small Case Study on FaceBook Retargeting on my Teespring Campaign

So I tried this myself just recently and am REALLY impressed with the results! (Hence the reason for this post). I usually get excited when I find little snippets of golden tricks and end up writing a blog post about it lol.

I tried it on one of my well performing campaigns at the time which was giving me the results below.

Results of normal campaign, (without FaceBook Retargeting) [Image 1]

facebook retargeting teespring 1

Results WITH FaceBook Retargeting [Image 2]

facebook retargeting teespring 2

Now the way retargeting is set up is that your custom audience needs to start accumulating visitors first. Once it has enough visitors, it will start advertising to it. Since it limits itself to ONLY advertising to those that have clicked the ad, the reach will be small.

Notice how much higher the CTR is on Image 2? Also, I got 3 conversions for a total spend of $3.57! How crazy is that! These are people that may have been thinking of buying your shirt later but since we retarget that to them we kind of ensure our sale happens.

I’m sure many people would have been interested in my previous ads, thought of buying it, then when they went back they either couldn’t find the advert or it had expired. This ensures that doesn’t happen.

Doing Things Different to Stay Ahead of Others

Retargeting is a GREAT trick for whatever you’re advertising. As the above small case study showed, it can be very powerful if used correctly. I’ve since started to use this on all my FB related campaigns and have noticed massive CTRs!

It’s something many people don’t do and haven’t come across yet because they haven’t stuck with FaceBook as a traffic source long enough to figure it out. This ties into the first section of this post and why it’s so important sometimes to just make things work.

Hopefully, this will give you a more competitive edge and will help boost your teespring sales!

Good luck

~ Mateen


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Written by Mateen