If you’ve been in the affiliate space for long enough, you’ll realize that you have more chance of success emulating or innovating off existing, proven ideas and methods instead of trying to reinvent the wheel. My success ratio is MUCH higher when I do research into what type of shirts are already working instead of coming up with a random idea in my head and going for it which is what most newbies do.

Sure, there is a lot of space for exploration and you SHOULD spend some time coming up with your own ideas but for the most part, it would be silly not to do research on what is already working and trying to find a tweak off that method so you can branch it out to your own string of successful Teespring campaigns.

Now there are many ways to go about researching teespring shirt ideas. Both free and paid methods, (tools + software out there on the market), This article will cover free methods whereas the next will cover a paid alternative.


how to use teespring discover

Teespring ranks the best selling shirts, at any given time, on their platform on this page.

Note: People that have selected or checked the ‘Don’t show my shirt in search’ option when making their shirt won’t have their shirt listed here, even if it’s selling at a higher number than the first ranked.

It’s updated often and is a great way to see what’s hot at the current moment. I’ve had a couple of my shirts on this page before which has been pretty cool as more people will see it, often leading to more sales but ofcourse, it’s open for people to copy/steal your design.

I check this daily to see what’s selling. There are some common shirts that keep appearing like the ‘trust me I’m an engineer shirt’ and the nurse hoodies/shirts. We won’t to be focusing on shirts that haven’t made the charts before, they can open the doors to whole new niche you’ve never thought of before!

The ‘daughter of a vietnam veteran’ is a perfect example here. Why not make a design for ‘son of a vietnam veteran’? Or husband/wife/mother/father, etc? Get me?

This is a great way to get ideas, particularly because there’s already a proven market for your design. you know that people are buying these shirts, now it’s just a question of finding them when targeting which I’ll cover at the latter stages of these tutorial vids.


ebay teespring ideas

Next up we have the all popular eBay. eBay is cool because of it’s popularity and how the platform actually works. Since it’s been around for ages it has a high customer base and so there are a LOT of sellers selling all kinds of things.

What you want to do here is type in a particular type of shirts. E.g, ‘funny shirts’, ‘nerd shirts’, ‘dad shirts’, etc and select the ‘sold listings’ checkbox on the left column. This will show you a set of shirts related to your search results that have been sold in there near past.

You can then click on the listing and see how many shirts have been sold! If there’s some recent purchases and they’re frequent, then bam, you’ve got an idea/niche that’s currently working. Now make a great design aimed at the same niche and start selling. I’ve used it to sell shirts before and it works. It’s just a matter of testing testing testing. You might not find a winner the first time, but maybe after the 5th, 10th or sometimes even the 20th.


websta search

This website is pretty cool. It’s a search engine that displays results based on what people are tagging on instagram. Why exactly is this useful to us?

Let’s think for a second to what we would tag something if we liked it. Being an instagram user myself, if I were to go on holiday and saw a shirt I liked, I would tag it as,

#awesomeshirt #iwantthisnow #wherecanibuythis #thisshirtiscool

etc etc

How many people would do this? LOTS! so we want to search these sort of terms here and see what kind of results it generates. The cool thing is that it suggests more hashtags related to the one you put in to the search bar.

After you get some search results you want to look for ‘likes’ and see if there are specific shirts with 20+ likes. The more activity on the picture the more demand there is for it and the more likely it is to sell.

Go to the site here and play around with the search bar, it’s pretty cool!


teeview teespring ideas

The last tool I’ll be covering is the all popular teeview.

Teeview is basically a dedicated search engine JUST for teespring campaigns! How cool is that? Personally, I think it doesn’t get used enough and is major underrated. It picks up a lot of new campaigns from google and twitter and eventually displays it.

You can filter the options to show you shirts that are live and have reached their goal, thus showing you results of WORKING designs. Again, this is what you’re looking for, something that’s working currently.

There are many other methods I haven’t covered here that you can definitely go about using. Pinterest, Zazzle, Amazon, are just a few more. Basically anywhere you can kind of get an idea of people telling you what they like or want so to prove your idea before you go about spending all this time, effort and money making a shirt.



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Written by Mateen