The free methods I covered earlier are great and for the most part should give you a tonne of ideas that have a good chance of selling well. The only problem with this research technique is that it takes some time to go through.

I purchased TeeInspector a few weeks ago and have been totally impressed by it’s ability to suit my research behavioral needs. You can buy it here. I’ve gone through the software in the video but just to cover a few points that make it REALLY useful and a must have tool,

Note: These are just a few ways I personally find value in this tool. If there are any other ways you guys use it then comment below!

Finding FB Pages and other marketing techniques

One of the biggest reasons I bought this tool is it’s ability to search through FB and Google for a particular teespring campaign.


You can find the exact page this is being advertised on which can uncover a whole set of really successful teespring campaigns! VERY handy if you can get a bunch of popular teespring related fan pages affiliates use to post their campaigns on.

I know people that have made 6 figures just doing this which is one of the biggest reasons I bought this tool.

You can also search through google which can sometimes show results for campaigns that have been posted on specific groups. Sometimes even on pinterest. You can see how else certain people are marketing their shirts. Remember, it’s just one small lead or tip that can make you $1,000s in this business which is why you need to try EVERYTHING!

LPS Ratio

Teeinspector gives you a cool little Ratio that gives you an indication as to how the teespring campaign is doing if advertised on FB. LPS stands for Likes Per Sale. Basically the amount of likes a campaign is getting for each sale made.

likes per sale teeinspector

The lower this number, the more people are buying it instead of JUST liking it. The shirt could be a cool idea and people may think it deserves a like but won’t pull out their wallet and make a purchase. Every bit of information is important and the way teeinspector gives these numerics neatly, all on the one page, makes it so much quicker to do your research.

Tracking your TS Campaigns

Another great tool is the ‘Data Archiver’. I mostly use a spreadsheet to manually monitor the sales I’m making everyday so I can compare it to my costs and make sure I’m making a profit. Teeinspector allows you to input your own campaigns and it will give you all the data and analytics about it.

You can track sales made per day, per 3 hours or any other interval that you can set yourself. Teeinspector can even graph this for you! This can all be done manually though and isn’t that much of a big reason to use this. I see it as a bonus as for the most part, I use this tool just for research.

If you want to use Teeinspector, you can buy it here. If you use it thoroughly, you can pick up on winning ideas before others and have a better chance of making it in this business. It’s not necessary to make good campaigns but definitely makes the process a lot more easier and efficient.



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Written by Mateen