If you’re part of any Teespring Facebook groups or especially AffPlaybook forums, you would have seen successful Teespring affiliates mention the word ‘layers’ or ‘layering’.








This is one of the most important things to keep in mind when designing your shirt. I’ll try illustrate the concept by listing some designs that are selling well and finding the layers that have been targeted.

german shepherd mom teespring shirt

German Shepherd Mom


  • People that love German Shepherds
  • People that are female


real estate teespring shirt

This Guy Sells Real Estate


  • People that work in real estate
  • People that are EMPLOYED
  • People that are Male

vietnam war real estate shirt


Daughter of a Vietnam Veteran



  • People that are female
  • People whos father served in the vietnam war
  • People that wore love beads

So layers, as you could have guessed, are basically selections that add a touch of uniqueness to your shirt by appealing to a certain demographic. The more layers you can add to your campaign, the more it will stand out to the people you’ve selected.

Every time you come up with a design, try and have a think about what set of layers does your shirt have. If it’s only one or two, it’s usually much too broad. Eg, something that just appeals to an interest such as dogs, cars, hobby, etc. If you want to make a shirt for a dog, car, hobby, etc, then try drill down into a breed of dog or a particular car and try add a gender/age/location layer. The more you can break it down the better.

This is what usually separates the Teespringers that make a lot of $$ and the ones that have fails after fails. The Teespringers that make good money, find a niche that they’ve broken down into a specific set of layers. Once they find it works, they’ll expand it by varying every layer they can think of. Eg, the german sheppherd mom can be expanded to other popular breeds.

When layering you should be looking at adding at least three of the below

  • Marital status
  • Age
  • Location
  • Interest
  • Profession
  • Family Member, (Mum, dad, grandpa, etc)
  • Any other filter you can fill out

I can guarantee if you were to go about designing shirts like this, you’re bound to hit something that works.


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Written by Mateen