Again, a lot of people complicate this part of the process unnecessarily.

When you’re starting off with teespring, you’re focus should be, making designs good enough to sell and laser FaceBook targeting. Good designs and good targeting are the two main parts to the teespring formula.

If you’re also spending your time trying to make a facebook fanpage related to you’re EVERY design, then you’re going to get bored too easily. Maybe later, when you get better at this and have found a niche that works well, you can make a fanpage related to that niche so you grow a niche fanpage but for now, just focus on making something generic. I usually focus on making something community based. So something like ‘fun times’, ‘good vibes’, ‘the fun page’, something that doesn’t sound too salesman like.

I’ve seen people posting their shirts on Facebook pages called ‘daily deals’, etc and that has worked too. Again, don’t need to be picky here, it literally takes you 5 minutes to make a fanpage for your teespring campaigns.


You can add some random content to it, so if people were to visit it to check it’s validity, they’ll see that there’s some activity there.

Once you’ve got your fanpage up and running you’re good to start using the power editor.

Common Question related to FaceBook FanPages

Do I need to generate likes before I start using it?

Nope. The likes will come as you start using it to advertise your shirts.

Should I make a Fanpage for every Teespring campaign?

If you’re new to this then I wouldn’t advise it. Concentrate on perfecting laser targeting and making good, sellworthy designs. Niche fanpages are for later stages. Even till this day, I use the same fanpage that I used from day one and I still sell 100s sometimes 1000s of shirts a month.

Why Can’t I select my Fanpage in powereditor when making making my Teespring Ad?

Go to your Fanpages settings and change the settings from ‘unpublished’ to ‘published’. Give it another 5-10 minutes and try find it again, it should be there.

Should I post content on it before I start using it?

I usually post 3 articles, videos, memes, etc. Things that make the fanpage look a little busy. I’d recomment it but it’s not a huge issue.

For the most part, this part is quite simple. Just make a Fanpage specifically for teespring and get going.


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