Note: – The way I go about selecting interests in this video was only for example purposes. I’ll cover proper interest targeting in later videos.

The powereditor was a mystery for me till I started using it. Most successful Teespring affiliates that use FB marketing are proficient at using the power editor so you should be to.

Don’t be intimidated by the name. It’s just an advanced ‘ad setting up’ platform. One with a few extra options the basic Ad Manager.

There are 3 main tabs here, Campaign, Ad Sets, Ads.

facebook tabs


To create a new ad, simply click the + button on the far left and fill out the following options,

Page Post engagement


Have a play around with the different tabs. The main one is the ‘Ads tab’ which is the last one. This is where you select your pricing, interests, make your ad image, etc. The ‘Ads’ tab is further broken down into 3 tabs. Creative, Audience & Pricing. (See below).

audience tabs


For now, I’ll just mention how I price my ads. Click the ‘Optimization & Pricing’ tab under the ‘Ads’ tab and then simply click ‘Optimized CPM’, (see below). the ‘Use default bids’ option should already be selected here. Optimized CPM is what most people use and is commonly referred to as ‘oCPM’.

optimzed cpm

This video was just an overview, we’ll drill down deeper into each section in later videos. Again, just play around with this stuff just to get familiar with it. Mainly interest targeting.


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Written by Mateen