Scaling is dependent on each campaigns individual situation. As you start to build some momentum, more people will be convinced of the validity of your post and campaign, (more likes, shares, sales, etc), and will be more likely to take action.

This being said, your audience will start to saturate and unless you’re continually adding more to your audience to keep your frequency less than 1.7 then you’re going to start seeing a drop in ROI.

This is the reason I personally scale slowly. If a campaign of mine is getting me 100% ROI on a $30 spend, I’ll bump up the spend to $50-$60, ensuring I still have a good amount of audience left and I might also add my fanpage that I’m advertising with in the ‘don’t advertise to people connected to’ section. This is because I want my ad continually advertised as many new people on FaceBook as possible.

If you’re still maintaining your ROI, then keep bumping it up but slowly. Keep adding more and more relevant, targeted audience. Obviously over time, you’ll have no more audience to add so your campaign will die off but till then, try and get the most out of your campaign as possible

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Above are some campaigns I’ve scaled successfully with.

You’ll notice the CTRs are around 6-8% on average. This usually indicates a good campaign and so I’m not too worried when upping the spend. It’s when your CTR is crap that you should be worried.

The sky is the limit here, the main thing to watch is your ROI which is your spend divided by profit x 100, ( to get it in percentage).

For example if I spent $50 and made $100 worth in sales then my profit will be $100 – $50 = $50 hence my ROI will be,

$50/$50 = 1

1 x 100 = 100% ROI

This means that I’m doubling my money on my ‘investment’. As long as this number is in the clear positives, keep upping your budget. I was spending $5,000 a day at one time and making back $4-$7,000 in profit! The ROI was around 100% so I kept increasing my budget.

~ Mateen


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Written by Mateen