After launching 100s of campaigns, (almost 1000), I’ve started to get a pretty good at telling which designs will have a better chance of turning a profit and which designs that won’t. This doesn’t mean that every campaign I launch will be successful.

In fact, I still hit a profitable campaign for every 10-15 I launch, it’s just that, more of these will not be complete flops. I’ll either make a sale here and there and not be consistent enough to turn a good profit or will get a decent CTR with 0 sales.

Below are some campaigns that have worked for me in the past. They’ve all turned a positive ROI.

Successful Designs

successful good teespring campaigns designs

Many of these were inspired by designs I saw trending when they were hot. I’d make my own version of them with different fonts and pictures. Slight tweaks, etc. You already know these designs work, why not try similar ones with out of the box targeting?

Many of these designs have great wearable quotes but there’s also a lot of work that’s gone into careful font selection. Don’t just select any font, something I see a lot of newbies doing. People don’t just by shirts for the quote, you have to remember people actually wear these designs out so they have to look good!

Look up some nice fonts from, etc. Do some research into fonts that work for men/women. Let statistics make decisions here for you.

The initial design might take you a while to do but once you have a template you can just switch the variables and make designs for other niches!

Unsuccessful Designs

unsuccessful bad teespring campaigns designs


The designs I’ve selected here are variations of the designs that worked for me. Again, I’m successful about 1 out of 10-15 times so many of my variation designs like the above give me little to nothing sales during test mode.

The important takeaway here is you just never know what works. I know this seemingly contradicts what I first mentioned above about being able to tell designs that will work, but that’s more the design concept. When it comes to applying that concept to niches, that’s when you don’t know what’s going to happen.

Reason being is there’s so many factors at play here. Have the niche demographic seen a lot of shirts aimed at them already? e.g, engineers, nurses, veterans, etc. There will always be opportunity here but it’s going to get harder and harder.


If you’re looking for designs that you shouldn’t be doing, you can check out some of my earlier designs that totally flopped in my March Monthly Report.

The best way to go about this whole thing is to make a template design for something you think will work or something you’ve seen working in the past and play around with the variables like I’ve done above. Pu $15 towards each and see what you get. That’s a better test than just applying your design to one niche.

This is something I’ve done to scale my design concepts to $1000s, applying it to 10+ niches.

~ Mateen


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Written by Mateen