When I first started affiliate marketing, I used to keep to myself. I’d do some research and once I had enough information about something, I’d jump right in and learn from my mistakes. Although I still somewhat apply this approach, I set aside some spare time to see what’s happening in related affiliate circles so I don’t miss any crucial new updates and trends.

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The same applies to teespring. There’s a lot of teespring/fabrily groups you can be a part of that will give you real time updates on what’s happening. Being part of a community is great as people work to help each other. A lot of teespring marketers that work at home lack the social aspect of ‘working’ so are often overly talkative and friendly in these online communities.

Some Teespring FB groups I’m part of,

  • Teespring University
  • Teespring Mastermind

Another forum I’m part of is AffPlaybook. It’s a paid alternative and contains a lot of affiliates that have done really well with teespring. There’s a lot of good forum threads such as case studies, tips and tricks, ‘ask me anythings’, etc.

affplaybook teespring forum

This is something I highly recommend, especially if you’re in this for the long haul and want to make affiliate marketing/teespring your full time income. I’ve been part of it for about a year and have made a lot of money from the tips here. I’ve done a proper review of it here.

Whatever you decide to do don’t be afraid to ask questions and participate in discussions. Put yourself out there and see what you get in return. The more questions you ask, the quicker you’ll grow and the more success you’ll see.

~ Mateen


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Written by Mateen