If you’re going to join Aff Playbook to participate in Teespring discussions, then this article is for you.

Over the last few months, the amount of Teespring related threads on popular forums have increased dramatically and the same can be said about Aff Playbook. Since then David’s added a ‘Custom Products’ section for anything Teespring/Fabrily/Sunfrogshirts/etc related. This is where all teespring related posts go.

teespring affplaybook


There are some VERY interesting threads, from Case Studies to ‘Ask me anything’ style threads. There are even some interesting follow alongs from members hitting HUGE numbers with Teespring.

teespring aff playbook

The above is just a snapshot of a particular members earnings after a follow along in the forum. This was one of the first of MANY Paypal payouts totaling over 6 figures!

If you’re going to get into Teespring and want to surround yourself with an up-to-date community that are the first to act on things and report back, then Aff Playbook is a must!

Join the Teespring Discussion on the AffPlaybook Forum!

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Written by Mateen