I’ve recently changed the way I make my newsfeed ads for my Teespring campaigns. Previously I used to follow this method. After finding out on the Aff Playbook forums that a lot of successful affiliates were doing things differently I decided to switch things up and noticed a considerable jump in CTR.

By considerable I mean almost 40-80%+ CTR! campaigns I usually get 3-4% CTR on I was now getting 6-8%. This means lower costs per view and ultimately gives my campaigns more chance of hitting positive ROI.

The new method is more simpler and should take you less time to create. It looks like the below.

teespring newsfeed advertising


This was created by simply publishing a post on my Facebook page instead of creating it via the power editor. Just follow the steps below.

teespring facebook page post



Just use the first image if you want to copy the red border template for your Teespring advertising campaigns. It should be the exact size I use for mine.

Once posted, you should now be able to select the post from power editor making sure you’ve selected the page you’ve published the post in.

Like I’ve said before, I’ve noticed a MASSIVE increased in CTR levels with this type of advertising. I’m not exactly sure why but there are a few things that might have influenced it.

1. It’s visible to everyone: The method I used before was making what’s known as a ‘dark post’. It’s a post that’s NOT visible on the page but is visible to those that are in the selected audience you’re advertising to. I used to do this because it’d stop copy cats from getting to my campaigns and ripping them before I’ve fully capitalized on them.

The new method is visible to everyone! So it would naturally have a higher organic reach as people can share this with others by simply copy and pasting the link. I do this a lot personally.

2. The Image is much bigger: The image is much larger hence has a better chance of catching the audiences attention.

I’m sure there are many other contributors then this but this is all I can think of for now. Try it out! It’ll give you a much better chance of success with Teespring and Facebook.

Note: You are VERY open to competition now that your ideas are open to the world to see. There are a lot of smart teespring marketers that continuously scan popular pages for new ideas and use your ideas almost exactly or as inspiration for there designs. To counter this, I’d suggest having 5-10 different pages you use for teespring. Even more if you’re big on Teespring marketing. I personally have 20-30 different FaceBook Pages.

Good luck!

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Written by Mateen