REVENUE: $6,479.50

COST: $3,774.63

P/L: + $2,704.87



Affengineer August report

Starting Off Strong!

As usual my first weeks are usually awesome. In fact this month the awesomeness carried on for almost 2 weeks! I had a design that did quite well with Fabrily. I’ve mentioned it before,

“There is HEAPS of opportunity with Fabrily and International markets”

The money made during this period was from a scale-able design in Italy. The shirt was completely translated into Italian and so was the ad copy used in the campaign. When someone from Italy would click on the link, everything they saw was in Italian, how cool is that? Now keep in mind, I don’t know a single word in Italian. I just attempted to get some of my past designs to work in Italy BUT had the text translated by who are cheap and fast.

You can also use Fabrily’s own support but I like onehourtranslations because they’re fast and only charge a couple of bucks per translation of mine, which is around 8-15 words.

Anyway, so I focused on this design, scaling it as much as I could within Italy. It took off quite well and in the end brought me about 2.5-3k profit. It probably bought me more but a lot of the revenue it was generating was put back into testing other campaigns.

Big Negative Day on 08/14/2014

The two week consistent positive ROI was followed by a big $229.43 negative day. This is one of the most annoying thing with Fabrily. The campaign counts every ‘pre-order’ to the sale count but once the campaign ends, it immediately recalculates the numbers sold, incorporating those that have canceled there order.

There’s nothing you can do about it, but it’s still frustrating to feel like you’ve sold 50/50 designs only for it to recalculate to 39/50, (meaning 11 people refunded!). It’s difficult to budet for this and is one of the main reasons I don’t pursue ‘break even’ campaigns. No point wasting your time there, I’m looking for big ROI campaigns so when this happens, I’m still in green.

This is exactly what happened on this day. A lot of my campaigns ended on the same day and 20 people canceled their orders resulting in a big -$200 in revenue. I had a bunch of sales that kind of offset this to about -$50 but still took a decent hit.

No More Ideas, Running on Faith

Usually, during the time my campaigns are bringing in good profit, I use that money to test like crazy so when the profitable campaigns dry up, I have something to replace it.

Although I was doing this here, I couldn’t find anything during the 1-2 weeks my campaigns were doing well so when these finished I was all soaked up!

It’s scary to be in this position because you have little to no revenue and mentally feel edgy when it comes to setting aside and using your test budget. You don’t spend enough to properly test campaigns and if it continues for too long you risk being totally demotivated!

This is what happened to me here. A lot of my revenue was bought in from my PPV campaign, (it always helps bring in some revenue when times get tough!), but my Teespring venture was pretty dry.

I tried a different style of newsfeed advertising which I made a video and article about here. I started to do a LOT more research and eventually hit something again. It’s times like these that test the affiliate marketer. When you have nothing happening but just keep pushing, having faith in your abilities and believing in yourself.

“If you’ve attempted something so many times and it’s still not working, CHANGE the way you do it.”

My PPV Campaign, (My First Love!)

I’ve mentioned how I LOVE the stability of my PPV campaign. Since I mentioned it somewhere in the above paragraph I thought I’d quickly expand on it. I’ve had it for over a year and it’s almost always bought me a consistent positive ROI! Sometimes $10 in a day, in it’s better days however it used to bring in $200-$300 profit a day. It was my biggest earner till I found a few other things to replace it.

The offer was found on Maxbounty who are a great CPA network. They pay on time and my AM is pretty good. If you want to give PPV a shot check them out. My traffic source in 50OnRed which doesn’t get enough attention in my opinion. Traffic quality is great and traffic volume is comparable to the other big 2, (Leadimpact & Trafficvance).

One really cool thing with Maxbounty is their Referral program. They give you 5% of what your referred affiliates bring in for a whole year! For someone who brings in $200-$400 revenue a day with them, you can earn $10-$20 a day yourself which is REALLY awesome!

I’ve got a couple of affiliates doing really well which brings me some decent lunch money.

Guest Post with Tyler

Also during the first couple of weeks of August I was communicating with Tyler who agreed to do a ‘post swap’. I have been following Tylers blog for quite some time even prior to I got started with affiliate marketing. He’s big numbers and blogging style is what motivated me to get started with my blog.

I was really thrilled when he agreed to do a post swap, he’s a pretty cool guy, so definitely check him out!

After the guest post however I started to receive a tonne of traffic! Tyler’s been in the game much longer than I have so I’m sure he has some pretty popular networks and affiliates who follow his blog. Soon after my post, I was added to affbuzz and imglance!

I also started receiving pingbacks from other popular affiliate blogs and sites. My blog traffic has doubled since then and everything’s growing at a much faster pace. The blog is turning into what I wanted it to be when I first started. A place full of quality, regularly visited by knowledge hungry affiliates.

Finished 100 Datafeeds!

My challenge a few months ago was to follow a method David from Aff Playbook had used to net him some consistent $$ over time. It was basically to pump out a bunch of Datafeed sites, making each site as SEO friendly as possible and wait till commissions start coming in.

I’m hoping to start seeing commissions roll in continuously from mid October on wards as it does take a while for Google to notice these sites. I used datafeedr to build them and once they start bringing in consistent revenue, I’ll start blogging about how I exactly I went about making them.

For now, I HAVE made a couple of sales, totaling about $50. I can see how these, after a while can start to make me a good amount of money per month. I’m hoping for 10k months just with these but we’ll see what happens. It’s just an experiment for now.

Teespring Tutorial Vidoes

Another Massive milestone was putting out around 25 detailed Teespring Tutorials. The intent here was to see how youtube does in terms of bringing visitors to my blog and of course give my visitors free info that should help them with Teespring.

It was a great success! My Youtube channel is increasing by about 3-5 new subscribers daily not to mention how many views I’m getting per day.

I think I might do a similar thing once I have more experience with other things. Maybe even how to start a blog and monetize it, (using this one as a case study).

This place might become a place full of video tutorials on everything, you never know 😉

Almost 1k From This Blog Alone!

There’s a bunch of things I make money from on this blog and in August I ALMOST hit 1k! I’m pretty sure I’ll surpass it next month though. I’m starting to love this type of income as it’s mostly passive and takes only a small amount of time to maintain. Not to mention there’s very little costs associated with running a website.

It’s also quite fun to see it grow and work on things knowing there are real people reading your material.

When I first started this blog the intent was to keep track of where my money was going. After the traffic started to roll in, I started to monetize and now it’s starting to get somewhere decent.

I’m confident that as long as I keep this blog quality focused and rich in content, it will continue to grow.

Conclusion and Moving Forward

August has been a mostly average month in terms of money generated. There were some things realizations though,

  • There is a lot of opportunity with Fabrily and International Markets
  • Datafeed Sites DO convert, it’s just a waiting game
  • Projects may not be fun to work on, but when they’re done right they will pay off in time
  • This Blog can make me a very real income
  • Guest Posting is great to share visitors and network

Moving Forward, I’m planning on doing a little less Teespring, and more long term stuff. I might give List Building with FB a go and maybe try some more international offers in general. I also like the concept of working on projects like the Teespring Tutorials and Datafeed sites. Once you figure out the process, it’s just repetition and it allows me to ease off on a few other things.

September should be an interesting month as I’m going QLD and have hit an interesting campaign with Teespring. I’m curious to see how much I can expand it.

All the Best

~ Mateen


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