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month 15 affengineer september

Another month goes by..

Teespring Designs

It’s always been the case for me that each month I’ll find at least ONE scale-able design that I earn 2-3k profit off. This month was no different and I hit on something that was and still is very scale-able. I haven’t explored it in depth yet but I really should list down everything I can thing of that it can be scaled too and test it out.

Since my first teespring success allowed me to test pretty much every country under the sun on FaceBook, when I talk about scaling, it’s not limited to the design concept. I’m also talking about taking the design to other non-western english speaking countries or maybe even translating it with I was lucky to be able to test all these countries and have a list of which ones do well and which ones don’t.

Anyway, as usual the month started off strong, topping 1k profit before the week was over.

Teespring and the Power of Systems

Since Teespring + FaceBook is pretty much my only affiliate marketing via paid advertising focus I’m starting to realize a disturbing/annoying reality. You see, It takes a lot of time to find profitable campaigns. I’ll test 10-20 campaigns and be lucky to find something that works or better yet, works AND is scale-able. So with 3-5 camps tested a day, I usually find at least 1-3 profitable campaigns during the week that will bring in around 1k profit.

Keeping my work efficiency the same, it seems the average month with this system can only give me an income of around 4-6k profit. This became evident to me after reading one of our aff playbook members teespring related post on how he has dedicated personal assistants that come up with designs, launch campaigns, comment on Teespring customer posts, spy on popular teespring facebook pages, etc. He went in to quite some depth on how he runs his business and the level of resources needed to hit his high 5 figure profit months with Teespring.

With resources like his, you’re able to launch more designs per day and juice each campaign for all its worth. I’m limited to what I have because it’s just me and my designer.

Charles Ngo’s ‘Ask Me Anything’

Charles Ngo made an appearance on Aff Playbook and was kind enough to do an ‘ask me anything’ style thread. If you don’t know Charles, he made a million in profit in his very first year of IM! How crazy is that?

Anyway, he’s been in the space for a good while now and has developed systems to make even more money. He has a whole team that manage pretty much everything for him. From launching campaigns to coming up with niche ideas, a LOT is done by his team.

I always thought this lifestyle cannot be outsourced due to the necessity to keep things secret about your campaigns but Charles has found a way to overcome this. His even been able to hit 6 figure revenue days, Crazy!

Now that I know this, I’ve realized that I need to scale up my resources. I need to jot down a system and find people that can fill in positions for this system. If I want to make it much bigger in this industry and see better results, I NEED to start managing more people. I’ve been able to hit 100k+ profit in my first 12 months of IM so I feel confident setting aside 20k in resource spending to see if I can double that figure this year.

3rd Highest Fabrily Campaign in Italian

So I didn’t even know I was participating, but I won Septembers Fabrily competition for making the 3rd highest selling campaign in Italian. I won 25 pounds which is about $45 Australian $, how cool!

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, there is a LOT of opportunity internationally with Fabrily. Clicks are cheap as chips and a lot of these countries have hardly been marketed to! More than the 25 pounds, I was happier knowing that there were 2 more people that did better than me which means there is good money to be made here.

I might dedicate some time this month to test more internationally, it definitely deserves attention.

AffEngineer Crosses 1k Profit

Sometimes you just never know how things will pan out. I never intended this blog to make me money. It was created solely to keep track of my earnings. I never thought this way with the 10+ blogs I had made earlier where I was only in it for the money. This blog has been running for over a year and has recently blown up appearing in a lot of popular IM sites.

This month it crossed it’s first 1k profit in earnings. Money comes in from a lot of resources that I use. From Datafeedr to Beyondhosting Servers to Aff Playbook, slowly, consistent income is trickling in.

The money is pretty cool and takes the stress off having to always having to come up with new stuff for Teespring. It’s weird to think, when I started this blog, I had little to no idea about affiliate marketing which is pretty evident by the first couple of monthly reports where I was in loss.

I’m starting to focus more and more on the blog and have a LOT in store so stay tuned!

Datafeedr Progress

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know I’ve been testing with Datafeedr. Here is an Introduction to Datafeedr post I did for those that don’t know what I’m talking about.

This month, I didn’t see a single sale come through. Some of my datafeeds have just crossed 2 months and there’s still about 50 that are less than 2 months old. I’m expecting to make money consistently once the sites cross 3 months in age and so this isn’t much of a surprise. In fact right now, (First week of October), I’ve made a sale and realized traffic is starting to increase.

I’m excited for November & December but am hoping to see some more sales come in by the end of this month. I had predicted my Datafeeds to start bringing in some serious cash by the end of this year, (at least 20k collectively). I don’t know how likely this is, but again, it’s an experiment so we’ll see.

AffEngineers First Competition!

Also during September, I held’s very first competition where there were 6 x Aff Playbook – 1st month free prizes to be won. Only 6 people participated so they all won! I transferred them the fee for the 1st month, some joined, some didn’t but it was probably the easiest $57 ever made lol.

I plan on holding another competition this month but this time so look out for it. Some of the members, that joined are participating regularly in the forum which is exactly what you should be doing. The more you surround yourself with people that are successful in IM, the more it will rub on to you.

Aff Playbook Forum Coupon

More Long Term Ventures

I make a serious effort to be involved in long term projects along with all this Teespring/FaceBook stuff. It’s important to build assets and consistently diversify your income so you’re not hit too hard when things change on you.

Datafeed sites was my long term strategy for the previous months. This month I decided to try something David shared titled ‘Davids Micro Niche Funnels & List Building‘.

In this case study, David used FaceBook traffic to build an email list which he sold Travel related products to. He showed how he built the funnel and went in to detail on how he went about building it to $75/day pretty much on auto pilot.

I became really interested in the method and made a follow along of my own, trying to use the same method to build a 4k/m model. I’ve done a lot of the ground work and have just started advertising so we’ll see how I go. I’ll have more info on it next month.

Closing Remarks

I’m still relatively new to this industry and have a lot to learn and explore. I love the fact that I can share my thoughts on things as I go with people that are on the same journey with me.

This month, I realized the importance of systems. I’ve known for a while that I need to seriously start outsourcing certain process but just haven’t been able to pull myself aside and actually do it. I intend to do this sometime soon. It’s time I take it up a notch and take some work load off myself so I can work on other things.

The internet lifestyle is pretty cool. You can work when you want, how much ever you want and earnings are uncapped. In saying this, you usually find yourself working MORE than what you were at work. Charles mentioned he works about 10-12 hours per day but I’m sure he loves it.

Anyway, I have some big plans for this blog. It seems the more I share, the more its readership grows so my focus going forward is to share more of my exact tactics and knowledge on different traffic sources and networks. Be sure to subscribe so you get my emails.

~ Mateen


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