If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’d know I do a lot of Teespring. In fact, it makes up around 80% of my income, (not including my organic stuff).

Just recently, Teespring released a new feature which allows customers to get discounts or promotions based on the link you provide. For people that don’t know, this is a BIG deal.

The ‘discount’ or ‘promotion’ angle has been used by affiliates for years. It works extremely well for some verticals and if you release, my aff playbook coupon image on the side bar has been made to look like a coupon. It works, that’s why people do it.

So what does this mean for teespring and how can we use it? Well, I’m yet to test with it but I definitely have some ideas going through my head.

One thing I, and many other Teespringers have noticed is that, the first 3-6 sales are the hardest. Once you get a few sales on the counter, sales become more consistent and people start to trust the site more. Especially if you’re selling to non-U.S countries that don’t know much about Teespring. People are STILL skeptical when buying things online so any social proof is great when it comes to merchant type sites.

What we can do here is offer a promotion, (maybe $5 off), for the first xx sales. So if my campaign goal is 20, I can add a link in my description saying,

BUY FROM THIS LINK TO GET $5 OFF, (EXCLUSIVELY for the first 20 customers)

What we’re aiming for here, is to get the ball rolling. Then, once we’ve hit 20 sales, we can remove it or add another promotion!

Again, I haven’t experimented with this myself but I DO know this is a big deal as I’ve seen it work quite well before.

I mean, how many times have you read other Teespring descriptions saying ‘WAS $49.99, NOW REDUCED TO $39.99’? I’ve personally seen it everywhere! People do it because it works.

Another thing we can do is just run the discounted campaign throughout the whole Teespring campaign. Set the limit up to 100 or something and make it for the first 100 customers. Maybe price your products $5 higher then you normally would. I’m quite confident I’ll make many more sales. You never know though. Affiliate marketing is weird and my predictions are seldom right! Only time will tell. Let’s see what story my November & December monthly reports will tell.

Have another idea for this feature? Post it below!


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Written by Mateen