I’ve gone through Teespring and Layering countless times before. I still see many newbies not understanding this concept. Layering changed the way I thought about marketing in general and made me realize one of the core principals of selling something to someone and that is ‘appeal’.

Below is the Teespring Gem Video

One Of My Very Early Shirts

And Yes, this is the exact shirt that was picked up by the ‘broad targeting formula’ product tutorials!

Concept of layering


Let’s take a look at the above shirt and try deconstruct why it worked. Do people like ninja turtles? Yes. Would all people that like ninja turtles buy a ninja turtle shirt? No. Of course there are millions of fans out there but that doesn’t mean they’ll all buy!

Imagine if I had just made this shirt without the ‘1991 kid’ text. It would be a pretty ordinary shirt right? I never tried selling it but I would say it would have almost definitely not been profitable. It’s too average and broad. There needs to be something that appeals to someone more than JUST the ninja turtles interest. That’s where the year comes in.

People born in 1991 and like Ninja Turtles would see this shirt and would immediately connect with it. How many shirts out there do you see with your interest on it AND your date of birth? Almost zero. It would be pretty unique right?

That’s why this shirt idea worked.

People buy things that are unique, especially things they’re going to wear and represent. They like to show off their individuality. The more of a unique appeal your shirt has, the more potential customers will be motivated to buy.

This is the power of layering and why it works so well. Don’t make shirts that are too general. Make shirts that are directed at a set demographic. Check out Teespring.com/discover at any given time and I can guarantee a big number of those designs have multiple layers.


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Written by Mateen