A good FaceBook Ad Copy for your Teespring Campaigns is almost as important as your Ad Image. It’s the second thing someone will look at on their newsfeed and so needs to be carefully constructed.

Teespring Gem Video Below,

I’ve been using the below ad copy on pretty much every one of my last 100-200 campaigns,



Grab yours before they sell out. Not found anywhere else.

Sale Ends Soon!

What’s so Good about this Ad Copy?

The first thing they see is *JUST RELEASED*. This gives it a ‘fresh’ feel as it’s new and people are curious as to what’s new and hot. It works well and gives me a great CTR. As soon as they read the *JUST RELEASED* text, the link is right there for them to check out and satisfy their curiosity. I don’t really think people will stick around to read the rest but if they do, the ‘Grab yours before they sell out. Not found anywhere else’, text gives them more of a push and keeps them from scrolling down.

Teespring is all about creating an urgency to buy which is why their campaign timer works so well. People who are on the fence on whether they want to buy or not will be pushed to buy because they know it won’t be available again giving the limited edition feel. People hate missing out on things.

I was shown the Ad Copy in some group, can’t remember which one but if anyone does, please comment on it below so they get their due credit.

It has worked very well for me, giving me great CTRs. The only thing I change for each ad is the link, the rest all I can copy and paste making the process nice, simple and quick which is what I love.


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Written by Mateen